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South Carolina football players riding horses

Darius English is on a horse. Your argument is invalid.

South Carolina's top-ranked equestrian team defeated No. 2 Auburn to clinch the No. 1 seed for the SEC tournament on Saturday. A handful of South Carolina football players made the trip to Blythewood, S.C. to provide moral support for their schoolmates AND ALSO RIDE SOME HORSES.

These horses spend most of their lives eating oats, doing typical horse stuff, and being ridden by tiny women donning 18th century riding apparel. So imagine their surprise when Darius English (235 pounds), David Willaims (210 pounds), T.J. Holloman (233 pounds) Gerald Dixon, Jr. (325 pounds), Mason Harris (231 pounds), and A.J. Cann (318 pounds) began to mount them while wearing windbreakers and Air Jordans.

One of the biggest concerns that South Carolina fans have entering the 2014 season is whether Darius English will add enough beef to his frame to hold his own against SEC offensive linemen. Today, however, English's annoyingly high metabolism may have saved an equine ACL.

This field trip will give 2014 signee and noted horse enthusiast Donell Stanley something to talk about with his new teammates when he enrolls at South Carolina this summer.