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Martha Childress throws out first pitch before South Carolina's game vs. Furman

Five Points shooting victim throws out ceremonial first pitch in heartwarming demonstration of solidarity.

University of South Carolina student Martha Childress, who was paralyzed as a result of a gunshot wound suffered on Oct. 13 in Columbia's Five Points bar district, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before South Carolina's home baseball game against Furman on Tuesday night. Childress was introduced by second-year head coach Chad Holbrook and presented with a $1,000 check to be deposited into the trust fund that has been established to help cover her medical expenses. (Find out how to make your own donation right here.)

Holbrook revealed that Childress will be back as a full-time student this fall and remarked that she is personification of the baseball team's popular mantras "Battle" and "Win Anyway."

Watch the whole thing in this video, which also features Cocky stealing a little too much focus considering the occasion.

Holbrook described Childress as "our university's sweetheart" and the outpouring of support and enthusiasm on Twitter in reaction to her public appearance certainly reflected that.