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Bovada gives South Carolina 500 to 1 odds of winning the SEC basketball tournament

The odds are not great that South Carolina will still have basketball left to play after this weekend. But that's slightly better than being such an unlikely winner that the oddsmakers don't even bother calculating the odds at all. Bovada gives the Gamecocks 500 to 1 odds of winning the SEC Tournament. That puts South Carolina in a three-way tie with Auburn and Mississippi State in the category of Least Likely to Win the SEC Tournament.

SEC Tournament Odds
Team Odds to win Implied odds
Florida 2/3 45.68%
Kentucky 3/1 19.03%
Tennessee 4/1 15.23%
Georgia 16/1 4.48%
Arkansas 16/1 4.48%
Missouri 25/1 2.93%
LSU 25/1 2.93%
Ole Miss 33/1 2.24%
Alabama 50/1 1.49%
Vanderbilt 100/1 0.75%
Texas A&M 250/1 0.30%
Auburn 500/1 0.15%
South Carolina 500/1 0.15%
Mississippi State 500/1 0.15%

With a 12-19 overall record entering the postseason, winning the whole thing is the only way for South Carolina to extend its season. Just in case that happens, ChickenHoops lays out what the Gamecocks will have to do to get there.