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Open Thread: Gamecocks versus Auburn

South Carolina faces Auburn in the opening round of the SEC Tournament.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

South Carolina takes on Auburn tonight in the first round of the SEC Tournament, in search of their first SEC Tournament win since 2008. The Gamecocks dropped both of the regular season contests against the Tigers, but the fact this game is a 12-seed versus 13-seed more accurately reflects the (lack of) disparity in quality between the two teams.

Starting line-ups, courtesy of the Gamecocks' Twitter account, and no surprises:

Get ready for the tournament here, including the Gamecocks' odds of winning the tournament, Frank Martin's thoughts on tonight's game, and our preview of the entire tournament.

Feel free to hang out here with us in the comments to discuss the game tonight. We'll have a recap up at the conclusion of the evening's action, which hopefully doesn't coincide with the conclusion of the season.