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Join the Garnet And Black Attack community for FREE

Signing up for a Garnet And Black Attack account is so easy that the head football coach of that team in the upstate could do it with minimal assistance.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

I've spent a lot time trying to figure out how to start this out without boasting, but circumventing the humblebrag has proven more difficult than its worth. So here's the deal: 2014 has been very good to Garnet And Black Attack. Thanks to some strong additions to our staff and hard work by the whole GABA team, many South Carolina fans who had not previously darkened our electronic door have become regular readers.

As such, this is probably a good time to let you know -- in case you didn't already -- that signing up for Garnet And Black Attack and any other site in the SB Nation network is and probably always will be 100 percent free. Registering with SB Nation allows you to comment on Garnet And Black Attack articles, write Fanposts, and customize a profile tailored to your particular sporting interests.

But as a fellow citizen of the internet, I know that monetary expense is not the sole impediment to signing up to comment on a website that you enjoy. Arduous login experiences have deterred me from becoming a commenter on many sites that I read every single day. The good news for you is that signing up with Garnet And Black attack is almost as easy as it is free. (To be fair, 100 percent free is a tough standard for easy to live up to.)

1) Click the SIGN UP link in the upper-right-hand corner of this very page that you're on right now. (Actually, maybe open a new page because there are going to be more instructions.)


2) Choose a social media profile to link your account to. Or, if you're trying to stay off the grid, skip that and sign up using your email address.


3) Select a Username that you won't immediately regret. This will be the name that appears alongside every comment you make on the SB Nation network, so sign up as "Gamecock'n'Balls" at your own risk.

4) Accept the Community Guidelines, which are a set of rules that basically just ask you to act like a civilized human being when you're commenting on the site. You will need to accept the guidelines for each community you wish to make comments in. In most cases, access is granted immediately but in rare cases there may be a time delay. (GABA requires no such delay.)

5) Boom. That's it. Can't wait to see your hot sports takes in the comments section.