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The Cock Watch: South Carolina football players' first tweets

What can we learn from Gamecock football players' first tweets?

Twitter has added a new feature that allows you to plug in any unprotected Twitter handle and see that user's very first tweet. After first verifying that my own first tweet wasn't too embarrassingly stupid (don't worry, it was still plenty stupid), I decided to see what the South Carolina football players were up to on the day they signed up for the popular website known as twitter dot com.

Upon reviewing about twenty of the Gamecocks' first tweets, I noticed that almost all of them fell into one of a few distinct categories.

Recruiting Omen

Vic Hampton was originally committed to Florida but eventually flipped to South Carolina, as you might have noticed from his three years of playing football for South Carolina. The Gators cooled on Victor after he made his pledge to sign with UF, and this tweet documents a certain amount of dramatic irony in that regard.

Almost one year later, the Sicklerville, N.J. native made the decision to migrate 628 miles south.

Deleted My Old Account, Follow My New One

The most enduring curiosity of the modern student-athlete's use of Twitter is his bizarre insistence upon deleting his account and creating a new one. What madness could drive someone jettison a perfectly good twitter handle followed by thousands of people? Have they no regard for their #brand?

Even if one's Twitter account gets hacked as a result of clicking on a link in a direct message that promises to lead you to something as tantalizing as you will not BELIEVE somebody said about you in this blog, this is a setback that can be overcome with a simple password reset.

South Carolina football players take a different approach.

Hello, Twitter. I'm eager to interact and slightly confused.



Defies description


Did we miss any important first tweets? Use the comments to share your first tweet, or shame friends and celebrities by posting theirs.