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Frank Martin lays into Duane Notice

ESPNU's cameras caught the fiery head coach yelling at Duane Notice on Tuesday night in the Gamecocks' 72-46 loss to Florida.

Frank Martin's communication style has been called into question at times.
Frank Martin's communication style has been called into question at times.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot went right in the second half against the Florida Gators on Tuesday night, as Billy Donovan's club used an 18-0 run in the second half to run away from the Gamecocks.  Carolina was trying to grab their second consecutive upset of an SEC heavyweight, coming off their thrilling 72-67 victory over Kentucky on Saturday.

In the midst of the run that put the Gamecocks away, Frank Martin became very displeased with Duane Notice, as found in this screen grab from Cork Gaines.

Martin came to Columbia with a reputation for being a hothead.  It made for interesting stories, sometimes bemoaning the actions, other times making light of them.  For an example of the latter, watch this video:

The yelling at Notice caught the eye of the folks over at LostLettermen, who argued that it should lead Ray Tanner to forcing Martin to serve a one-game suspension in the Gamecocks final regular season game, against Mississippi State on Saturday.

On the one hand, with the exception of Brenton Williams (recruited by Darrin Horn), every member of the Gamecock squad knew what they were getting when they came to Columbia to play for Martin.  On the other, I doubt many bosses treat their employees this way, and while the typical workplace metaphor doesn't always translate into sports, it does raise questions as to whether Martin's yelling represents acceptable behavior when representing the university and interacting with student athletes.

What do you think about the situation between Notice and Martin?  About Martin's fire in general?

UpdateFrank Martin is suspended for Saturday's game against Mississippi State.