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Steve Spurrier's Post-Practice Comments, via Google Translate

"So do you live? All right. Well, see you Thursday."

"Well known starter is not important at this time."
"Well known starter is not important at this time."
Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Steve Spurrier's post-practice comments from April 8, 2014, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

Opening Statement:
(English to Hungarian to Italian to English)

"But anyway, I look forward to Saturday, hopefully it will be a big crowd, admission is free as we can. We will honor seniors last year, to honor the women's basketball team. The first SEC champion will be out there. The girls practiced horses do not understand me. The exercise is more important than being recognized in front of forty thousand, but hopefully they're getting ready to go on to win the national championship, that would be great. But other than that, collide, you can let some of the older boys play a little. Dylan probably plays at least half, and let the young guys do most of the game. But it is hoped that there will be a good turnout, I think there is a callback function Gamecock after the game at the stadium in games and stuff for the kids to play, so that should be a fun day here at Williams-Brice Stadium."

On Busta Anderson:
(English to Indonesian to Norwegian to English)

"Buster's operation. Doctor Jeff Guy feel we should go ahead and fix torn triceps. He could come back next year, we will see how his physical condition. And her red shirt year available if we should do it. We will try our best to Buster, and what is best for the team and go from there."

On the Spring Game "Off The Bench" play:
(English to Serbian to English)

"Oh you know I got the game from the sidelines. It will be a little different this year. It will be a surprise. We have a surprise celebrities catch threw bench play. I can not tell you who it is yet, but we've got a surprise coming."

On the backup quarterback situation:
(English to Catalan to Hmong to Galician to English)

"It can be good. Not at all in the last days, I think all the publicity you gave everything a week ago for him. So now Connor Mitch is probably close. Perry Nosovitch, our line now. It can be modified after the joke on Saturday. We all know that Dylan QB and possibly after the summer, we have a backup ready."

On the importance of the Spring Game:
(English to Filipino to Korean to French to English)

"You have your shift, you runningback or receiver, you do not know who some of these people is very important. Well known starter is not important at this time. I remember the year before arriving in Florida, they had a steak and beans game, they had to divide the entire exercise department. One is a blue and orange. Emmitt Smith Astro turf and try to win the game for his team the ball 31 times think. In the spring game. We do not do that. We also have a kind of defense against an attack is to play quarterback, going to all share."

On the whether he's going to the Masters, which devolved into plugging Thursday night's practice and picking on beat writers:
(English to Traditional Chinese to Icelandic to Kannada to Afrikaans to Bengali to English)

"I think we will be on Thursday morning, came back Thursday afternoon. You want to come to court, on Thursday night we actually rehearsed. A little closer to the ball. We do not have a year to practice at night. Lights from us early in the season. Therefore, open to the public on Thursday. Corey is right! What is better for your hair? What is it? So do you live? All right. Well, see you Thursday."