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Kelcy Quarles and Vic Hampton wanted for questioning in relation to NYC nightclub beating

TMZ reporting.

Victor Hampton after the Capitol One Bowl victory on January 1, 2014.
Victor Hampton after the Capitol One Bowl victory on January 1, 2014.
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports


Kelcy Quarles denies involvement:

In the accompanying article, Kelcy Quarles suggests it's Chaz Sutton the police may be trying to find. Sutton, however, claims he wasn't present for the altercation. Vic Hampton hung up when contacted by The State.

So, all in all, kinda weird.


Victor Hampton and Kelcy Quarles are wanted for questioning in connection with an assault that occurred at the Greenhouse night club in New York on April 11. According to a story posted on, TMZ reports that a club promoter was attacked and suffered "extensive facial injuries". Quarles and Hampton were in New York City with fellow draft hopefuls Bruce Ellington, Connor Shaw and Chaz Sutton.

While "wanted for questioning" isn't tantamount to being charged with a crime -- much less admitting guilt -- having nothing to do with a crime scene is far preferable.

Vic Hampton's past transgressions are no secret, but in recent years he'd maintained a relatively low profile from a disciplinary standpoint, excepting a mild wristslap for just missing curfew during Capitol One Bowl week. Kelcy Quarles, on the other hand, stayed mostly out of trouble in his time at South Carolina save for a one-game suspension after throwing a punch at an LSU player in a 2012 loss.

We'll continue to update the story as it develops.