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Chaz Sutton reportedly stabbed, assault victim bludgeoned with hookah

It was probably a good bet that a story originally reported by TMZ would take some unexpected twists and turns.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

New York club promoter Michael Haver was beaten in the face with a hookah on April 11 at the Greenhouse night club during a multi-party disagreement that included Victor Hampton. Chaz Sutton and Kelcy Quarles may have also been there. Later that night, Chaz Sutton refused medical attention for an apparent stab wound.

Kelcy Quarles denies any involvement in the situation and thinks he's been mistaken for Chaz Sutton. Victor Hampton hung up the phone when reached by The State for comment.

That's what seems to be more or less known for sure at this point. The rest of the details are murky as hell but fall firmly under the category of Uhh, bros? This doesn't sound too good.

The New York Post reported the following from sources in the New York Police Department:

The violence erupted at around 3 a.m. Friday in the VIP room at Greenhouse, where a group that included players from the University of South Carolina objected to another group allegedly smoking pot, sources said.

Michael Haver, 28, was smashed in the face with a hookah, then viciously pummeled and left with multiple facial fractures...

Haver's lawyer said his client was trying to shake hands with Hampton to settle their argument when he was blindsided with the hookah.

Here, "blindsided" is an ambiguous term that leaves the question of whether Hampton was the alleged attacker up in the air. The most common application of "blindside" implies the attack came from outside of Haver's field of vision and therefore not coming from the man he was approaching for a handshake, but it could also conceivably mean that Hampton sucker-hookah'd him while going in for a handshake.

Chaz Sutton's apparent stabbing might be the strangest detail of all.

Meanwhile, teammate Charles "Chaz" Sutton, 24, suffered a minor stab wound to his back when a man attacked him on the street about 50 minutes later, sources said.

Cops on patrol saw the scuffle and followed Sutton to the nearby Trump Soho hotel.

Sutton didn't realize he had been stabbed and refused medical attention, sources said. He claimed he had been at Greenhouse but left to avoid a fight after a dispute with a man who followed him out and attacked him.

These questions will likely become clearer as law enforcement sorts out the the details, but whatever comes out this is not a good look for a trio of players who have hopes of a big payday at the NFL Draft -- or undrafted free agency, in Sutton's case -- just two weeks from now.