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Victor Hampton arrested for disorderly conduct

In a week where he's already been linked to an incident in a New York City nightclub, and in the lead-up to the NFL Draft, Victor Hampton has not had the best week.

On April 6, Vic Hampton and his sister Victoria (shout-out to his parents for their naming scheme) got into an altercation that resulted in the police being called.  After shouting back and forth at one another, things escalated.  From

After the two continued arguing loudly, the officer detained Victoria Hampton, who had to be physically held back from Victor Hampton, the report says. As the officer brought Victoria Hampton outside "to diffuse the situation," she and Victor Hampton continued shouting each other outside the home, prompting the officer to arrest both siblings.

As someone with a sister, I completely understand the sibling dynamic.  However, an argument that gets the police called - not to mention, stays escalated once they arrive - isn't typical for most folks.

The recent incidents surely do not help Hampton in his quest to get drafted early in the NFL Draft, although it makes one wonder if his decision to declare ended up working out for the best for both him and the Gamecocks, since he does not have to concern himself with an automatic suspension due to his arrest, as per South Carolina policy.

We'll keep you updated as more develops in this story, as well as with the story unfolding in New York City.