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Clemson fans vandalize field their team hasn't won a game on since November 2007

This is all they have, you guys, so we should probably just let them enjoy it.

For the second straight year, a Clemson fan has broken into Williams-Brice Stadium and spray-painted a paw on the field. Last year, they also did some damage to the Cockabooses, but I guess even criminal enterprises are having to make reductions in force during this sluggish economy.

The thing about painting your logo on a piece of your rival's property that's meant to be so deeply insulting is that it's a way of marking your territory. You know this thing that's an important part of your university's tradition? WE own it now.

It's a crime that cuts especially deep when the vandal has enjoyed considerable on-the-field success against the victim. On the other hand, when you've been beaten by, say, double digits in five consecutive seasons, destroying your arch rival's property feels more pitiful than triumphant. It's about as sad as the guy who calls his now-married ex-girlfriend at 2 a.m. to profess his undying love through a Jameson-induced slur.

It's worth noting that this rogue Tiger fan had a blank canvas and the opportunity to put a Clemson paw absolutely anywhere on the field that he wanted. Instead, he chose the 9-yard line. Even in his wildest fantasy, this guy knew that it would be unrealistic to put orange in the end zone at Williams-Brice Stadium.

At least they managed to deface the property of the correct team this time.