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South Carolina Pro Day 2014: Jadeveon Clowney Lives Up to Hype

Clowney helps his stock with impressive showing at Pro Day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With media outlets announcing "Clowney proves he's worthy of No. 1 pick" and "Clowney's pro day cements spot near top of NFL Draft," it's safe to say Pro Day was a success for Jadeveon Clowney.

Former NFL star Donovan McNabb, who attended the event as part of Fox Sports's coverage crew, voiced the opinion of many Carolina fans when he said "That work ethic deal, it is garbage to me. It’s just a smokescreen. If you’re a good coach, you won’t have to worry about that." Clowney proved McNabb right by showing up in tremendous shape, assuaging concerns about his work ethic by showing that he's been training hard in preparation for the Draft. With scouts scrutinizing his conditioning during the workout, Josh Norris reported that Clowney was in the best shape amongst Carolina's linemen.

Clowney showcased his rare athletic talents by participating in both DE and OLB position drills, with the combination of agility and power he displayed in both wowing the coaches who were on hand. In fact, he was so impressive in the OLB drills that some contend he may fit best at that position.

Former NFL star Teddy Bruschi, who attended as part of ESPN's coverage crew, was also impressed with Clowney's work in the linebacker drills, stating "We asked him if he prepared for those linebacker drills, and he said, ‘Eh, not really.’ And then to go out there and make those drops. What more do you want? He can play outside linebacker."

Several other players worked out for the scouts, too. I'm sure many of you will enjoy this video of Connor Shaw working through some passing drills.