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Victor Hampton, Kelcy Quarles won't be charged in Greenhouse nightclub incident

The former South Carolina defensive stars and hopeful NFL draftees have been cleared of wrongdoing in the alleged assault that took place in a New York City night club.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Questions remain about just what in the hell actually happened at Greenhouse on April 11, but it appears as though Victor Hampton and Kelcy Quarles will not face any legal action as a result of the events that unfolded on that strange night in New York City. It was to be expected that a story originally reported by TMZ would take some factual twists and turns, but this tale of an alleged hookah pipe bludgeoning combined with a possible case of mistaken identity was uniquely bizarre.

It's also worth noting that Greenhouse has since been shut down for basically being way too ratchet.

With Hampton, Quarles, and teammate/stabbing victim Chaz Sutton now apparently in the clear, one would hope that their involvement in this incident won't have any adverse effect on how prospective employers perceive them when the 2014 NFL Draft begins on May 8. But then again we all know how unforgiving NFL executives can be.

Quarles' attorney told the Charleston Post & Courier that, if anything, his client was the victim in this scenario:

"[They] wound up in a situation where [the accuser] comes in not only invading their space, which was private, but wound up in a situation where he was smoking marijuana and doing all sorts of things that were unsavory, and of course these guys wanted nothing to do with it," [attorney Joe] Tacopina said. "They're getting ready to commence on hopefully a very lucrative and productive professional career. What ended up happening is this guy started getting aggressive.

"They said, 'You need to leave now,' and this guy, obviously being affected by whatever he was smoking, hauled off and punched Victor as Victor was sitting down. They were victims from day one. It was very, very clear that [the alleged victim, New York club promoter Michael Haver] was trying to do a money grab."

The accuser's friend stabbed former defensive end Chaz Sutton and was arrested, Tacopina said.

Hampton has repeatedly denied culpability through his Twitter feed and was eager to share the news of his innocence.

Fittingly, this story was bookended by another report by TMZ that makes some bold choices when it comes to the use of ellipses.