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Steve Spurrier has nicknamed a walk-on tight end after a short-lived Burt Reynolds TV series

The Head Ball Coach's method for remembering the names of some of his players offers another window into his unique psychological makeup.

Streeter Lecka

At 69 years of age and with four decades of coaching under his belt, it would be difficult to fault Steve Spurrier for forgetting the name of the occasional walk-on wide receiver. After all, he's tasked with committing much more important things to memory, such as the the playbook, the tendencies of the opposing defensive coordinator, and the name of the top recruiting targets in the 2016 class. (OK, fine. He probably gets a lot of help with that last one.)

But even with all of that stress on his nearly 70-year-old brain, he still manages to remember the names of more than a dozen new walk-ons that join his team every year.

Well, sort of.

You see, every now and then Steve Spurrier will hear the name of a player and just decide to call him the first thing that the player's name makes him think of.

Last year, walk-on fullback Jordan Diaz was called "Cameron." As you may be aware, Cameron Diaz is a famous actor, and also a prominent figure in Steve Spurrier's consciousness, it would seem.

This year, walk-on tight end Jacob August is being called "Dan August."


Spurrier explains:

We call him Dan August. The TV series -- Glenn, you remember that series? You'd have to go back to the 70s and 80s. Burt Reynolds was a private detective named Dan August. For some reason that was the only August guy I knew. But Jacob August -- this kid likes to play and he can catch the ball very well. Local kid. Wears No. 40. He's doing very well.

To hear Spurrier tell it, you'd think that Dan August was a hit show that ran for more than a decade and is a cultural touchstone for more people than just Spurrier and Burt Reynolds.

Nope. Dan August aired for a grand total of one season and went off the air on April 8, 1971. Of the 500 million people on Facebook, only 139 have liked the Dan August Facebook page.


Please enjoy the magnificently 1970s-y opening credits for Dan August.