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Florida Man impersonates Jaguars' Ace Sanders

They say when somebody impersonates you, you've officially made it. Congrats Ace Sanders, you've officially made it, my friend!

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, Pierre Gathers of Jacksonville, Fla. was said to have been working out on the beach, decked out in Nike gloves and full workout garb, posing as Jaguars receiver Ace Sanders.

When approached by a fan, according to FOX 30 WAWS in Jacksonville, Gathers told the man, "Yeah, I'm Ace Sanders. No. 18 for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I went to the University of South Carolina."

Aside from taking photos with fans, Gathers was also rumored to have been opening bar tabs in Sanders' name and having a grand ole time. Gathers reached out to FOX 30 to defend himself, denying that he was impersonating and claiming that he couldn't have opened a bar tab under Sanders' name because he doesn't even drink alcohol.

Sanders took to his official Twitter account to make sure that fans did not mistake him for the poser. Via Twitter, Sanders said, "Apparently I have an impersonator running game around Jacksonville saying he's me. If you take a pic with 'me' at Jax beach.... ITS NOT ME." He also said, "I don't care that hes acting like me...He opened up a bar tab though lol Im really trippin off the bar tab !"

We did a little more research on this Pierre Gathers fella and found some good stuff. Gathers may or may not have participated in the football program at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, although we can't seem to dig up any official stats. He also has a really sweet homemade "highlight" trailer that's easily worth the one minute and 34 seconds of your time.

The moral of the story, kids, is don't pretend to be somebody that you aren't. It's kind of against the law and it might land you in big trouble. To all of you Floridians, if you see a man working out on the beach in Jacksonville and he might potentially resemble Ace Sanders,ask him to do this to prove he's the genuine article: