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Rec And Play: The top commenters and most-Rec'd comments from last week

A rundown of the top comments and commenters for the week ending May 31, 2014.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a noticeable lack of hot takes regarding Connor Shaw's offspring, comments on Garnet And Black Attack posts were up 26% from the previous week. Powering much of the commentary was the fact that many members of the GABA staff were quite unnervved about what the South Carolina baseball team was doing with its NCAA regional. Another major player was Gamecock Man's review of T. Kyle King's book on the Georgia-Clemson rivlary. This confluence of events resulted in four GABA writers and a DawgSports writer topping the comments for this week.

Once you take out us weirdos, upstategamecockfan and walknbalk tied for the dubious honor of most freqent commenter.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Connor Tapp 49
2 Kaci B 34
3 ChickenHoops 32
4 Gamecock Man 18
5 Mr. Sanchez 14
6 upstategamecockfan 9
7 walknbalk 9
8 stapleears 8
9 tryptic67 8
10 T Kyle King 8
11 GOcocks 8
12 Andrew A Kramer 7
13 NattyBoAndOldBay 6
14 The GIF Oracle 5
15 The Feathered Warrior 5
16 richie.gross78 5
17 skandrewj62j 5
18 mcmichat 4
19 Jman781 4
20 gsb1952 3
21 GwinnettGamecock 3
22 umcp96 3
23 Gamecock16 3
24 BrisketBiscuit 3
25 Cocky Targaryen 2
26 PhilipVU94 2
27 Zach_The_Gamecock 2
28 Timothy De Block 2
29 KevinSC8 2
30 OxpatchReb 2
31 SCsoldier04 1
32 Fog horn Leghorn 1
33 Dave Tucker 1
34 cockwatcher 1
35 Wiens 1
36 The984 1
37 VFRBulldawg 1
38 DMV Cock 1
39 Never Leave College 1
40 The Meat Locker 1

In an extrememly meta outcome, walknbalk earned the most rec'd comment for a comment that he made on the post about the most rec'd comments of the previous week. Congratualations, walknbalk. You have caused the universe to fold in upon itself. I hope it was worth it.

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 walknbalk Now that I know we are commenting for the recs, I'll have to reassess my commenting strategy.
4 T Kyle King Thanks again, Gamecock Man.
4 T Kyle King Thanks, Gamecock Man. I appreciate the thoughtful and thorough review.
4 tryptic67 Meh
4 tryptic67 Since I have a love for Revolutionary History
4 The GIF Oracle [no title]
4 The GIF Oracle [no title]
4 Dave Tucker I think this one is best
4 tryptic67 The Georgia Bulldogs have a unique and enviable/unenviable position
3 T Kyle King That's a valid point.
3 Connor Tapp There was a time when people commented just for the love of commenting.
2 walknbalk [no title]
2 Connor Tapp Nothing quite quite like a comment that you don't remember making
2 Kaci B Alright, here we go y'all! Maryland vs Old Dominion starting now!
2 ChickenHoops I would've gone with
2 Gamecock Man As Kyle admitted above, this is a generational thing.
2 walknbalk Wofford!
2 mcmichat .
2 tryptic67 Slow road? What slow road?
2 Connor Tapp Kelsey Grammar
2 Kaci B I need to pick this up soon, as I think my fascination with the history/stories in sports will make this enjoyable despite it being about two teams I hate
2 tryptic67 I hate that some USC fans got persnickety about Palmetto State Poultry
2 ChickenHoops The Past and the Present
2 walknbalk I don't think it's asking so much as commanding.
1 Gamecock Man Glad we could have a thought-provoking discussion, Kyle. Thanks for adding your comments, which elaborated well on what I said in the original post.
1 The Feathered Warrior I would not say that.
1 tryptic67 I meant common as a dietary staple
1 Connor Tapp Yeah, if you're old enough to have seen Todd Ellis play then you probably hate NC State
1 T Kyle King There are a couple of books on that subject.
1 Gamecock Man Wake is historically a much less competitive program than the others mentioned, which explains why they're not as highly regarded by USC fans.
1 Kaci B Well Maryland has managed to make me impressively hostile towards them in a pretty short time span
1 Gamecock Man The Vols are a more natural rival for USC, but USC-Florida games have had more conference standing implications in recent years than USC-UT.
1 Connor Tapp Sucks if his opportunity came from someone else getting hurt, but...
1 ChickenHoops As an FYI for those not on that Gchat
1 Fog horn Leghorn Never
1 Connor Tapp Tennessee's current ineptitude (yeah yeah I know about last year) is the only thing keeping them behind Florida right now
1 ChickenHoops That hurts, Connor
1 Jman781 Good point.
1 Connor Tapp NVM. Finally used the right combination of search terms.
1 cockwatcher Hmm, top 3 rivals
1 Gamecock Man Like Kyle said, it's unclear. This might be a generational thing, too, where you'd get different answers from different people based on age.
1 Kaci B Big day for schadenfreude
1 Kaci B I have a deep, unwavering and possibly irrational hatred for Florida
1 Jman781 Yes, it's funny, too, how family history and life experiences
1 Connor Tapp HATIN'-ASS KACI
1 Connor Tapp I felt a lot more hatred for Tennessee in the aughts
1 Gamecock Man Definitely possible.
1 Gamecock Man For a sports history buff, it's a great book. Very well researched and chock full of information.
1 Connor Tapp Just got back from a run
1 The984 I've seen remarks by some Gamecock faithful on DawgSports
1 Mr. Sanchez Thanks for all the history tryp
1 ChickenHoops If you can avoid going into the pen tonight, avoid it
1 Mr. Sanchez And I was 12 when the series quit being yearly, so it lines up with your research
1 Mr. Sanchez All Gamecock programs really
1 walknbalk [no title]
1 tryptic67 Excellent point
1 Connor Tapp As an Irmite.
1 Kaci B Virginia is up 10-0 on Bucknell in the 8th
1 Connor Tapp My top three
1 Gamecock Man Thanks, Kyle. Like I said, I enjoyed reading the book, and I think many other Gamecocks fans would, too.

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