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The Final Cockdown: #84, Matthew Harvey

He's the tall one.

Matt Harvey
Redshirt junior wide receiver
6'8", 229 lbs.
Rock Hill, South Carolina


College Career:
He joined the team last spring but did not appear in any games last season.

2014 Outlook:
You've always got to temper your expectations for walk-ons, but with the off-season departures of Jody Fuller and Kwinton Smith, there may be some chance he'll see the field. Harvey is not listed on the spring depth chart, and while that included both Fuller and Smith, the incoming trio of touted freshmen receivers may keep Harvey from landing in the three-deep. If I had to guess, I'd say our best chances for a Matt Harvey sighting would be deep in the South Alabama game. A "48 seconds left, Gamecocks up 56-3, ball on the USA 3 yard line, Hails-to-Harvey corner fade" scenario seems plausible. It also seems plausible the pass would fall incomplete.

Harvey shares a name with the former UNC pitcher and current New York Met pitcher who started last year's MLB All-Star Game. Matt Harvey the pitcher was perhaps on his way to a Cy Young before being sidelined with the ol' UCL tear, so he's rehabbing from Tommy Johns. But who isn't, really.

Beat writer's terrible double-meaning lede:
"To Steve Spurrier, Jr., 'Harvey' is more than the first name of actor Keitel or a near-synonym of the thing Walt and Jesse cooked meth in; it's also the surname of his tallest receiver."