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Steve Spurrier kills it once again at SEC Media Days

The Head Ball Coach once again took to the microphone to drop some quips on the fawning SEC media. We captured the highlights.


Steve Spurrier once again lived up to his billing as the best part of SEC Media Days on Tuesday morning.  The conversation ranged from his confidence in Dylan Thompson to Stephen Garcia's hair style.

Here's a selection of the best excerpts from Spurrier's time with the media, starting with his opening session with the local media:

Spurrier then moved on from the local media to the collected media from around the nation as well as local media from around the conference.  And of course, the first question was about Florida:

And then the conversation moved on to his current program, the one he's been coaching now for nine years:

And of course, he got a shot in at the media:

He also offered his thoughts on the Gamecocks new trophy with Texas A&M, as well as American history