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Steve Spurrier's SEC Media Day Comments, via Google Translate

"This and other rides around the island will be retired and play with a bunch of hockey."

"He took me to his Bahamas jet plane, and boat."
"He took me to his Bahamas jet plane, and boat."
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Spurrier's SEC Media Day comments from July 15th, 2014, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

On boosters in college athletics:
(English to Filipino to Igbo to English)

Joe Rice is one of our great gift. I just kidding with him in recent years. He took me to his Bahamas jet plane, and boat. Pretty good trip. Do you like the kind of team owner. Present college football as a search for the owner of the NFL for the money they put up. The best of it, they do not tell us what to do. These are the kind of authority from the eye. They do not tell people to play, and plays a call, as a result, return.

On the proposed trophy of James Bonham, USC student who would become a hero at the Alamo:
(English to Hausa to Lao to English)

Literacy from Tennessee and I always thought that the hero of the Alamo Davis MIRINDA, so this is new to me. I confirm Bonham do something good. I always thought Davis MIRINDA a hero of the Alamo, Tennessee 33 and those who come in there and get killed, so forth.

On his career path as a coach:
(English to Nepali to Albanian to Khmer to English)

You can find his way in life can lead to not know what was happening. I am 12 years later, Florida shake me as the coach of the NFL's five or six years, and that this and other rides around the island will be retired and play with a bunch of hockey. But it was a bad tournament. When I realized that there is a very good idea. Like ... some people (South Carolina) is a blind search? I can find and give me a job at the end of 2004, they alone.

On the Texas and Texas A&M rivalry:
(English to Belarusian to Hmong to Traditional Chinese to English)

I think this is a shame, Texas and Texas A & M play with each other. I do not remember. Two schools who play more than one hundred years, only because one of them to join the conference, angry at each other. We do not play, we do not hit you anyway. I do not know. I think this is silly. Fans want to see. They want to win your next door neighbor. I think this is silly.

On former quarterback Stephen Garcia becoming a member of the media:
(English to Estonian to Greek to Vietnamese to Norwegian to Punjabi to Indonesian to Hatian Creole to English to Bro-Speak)

he had long hair back. i contrast media seem exactly like dynasty duck. a tight fuckin' job (south carolina). we want that bro. it might be that you are interested in a career in the media, i do not know. you know, can continue playing league. i have a feeling that the league is wicked tight. hope it will.