2013 Gamecocks break school record for offensive production

Shaw, Ellington, and the 2013 Gamecock offense were a record-setting bunch. - Streeter Lecka

I haven't seen anyone write this up yet, and I know we're a few months late in congratulating the team for this accomplishment, but a bit of research this morning led me to this fun factoid about the 2013 Gamecocks - they were the most consistently excellent offense ever fielded by South Carolina.

What do we mean by that? Well, their lowest point total for the season came against Florida in a 19-14 victory. The last time a Gamecock team scored 19 or more points in a season? Try never. The record eclipses the previous total - also set under Steve Spurrier - by the 2010 Gamecocks, whose low-water mark came at 17, which they hit in three different games (losses to Florida State and Auburn in Atlanta, as well as a 17-6 win over Georgia).

Prior to that season, the mark was 14, set by four different sets of Gamecocks - the 1984, 1986, 1994 (I was surprised by this), and 2000 teams.

The 2013 team did have a bit of help in setting the mark. They would've tied the 2010 group at 17 had the Missouri game not headed to overtime, where Carolina increased its point total from 17 to 27. That said, the Missouri gameis so incredible that any reflection on it as a negative is ridiculous and will not be discussed in this forum.

Anyway, (belated) congratulations to the 2013 Gamecocks, who months later continue to set new marks for greatness in program history. The 2014 Gamecocks look to have a stellar offense - can they top the record-setting prolificness of the 2013 group?

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