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Brendan Nosovitch has decided not to transfer from South Carolina

This might be the most hands-on Steve Spurrier has ever been during a recruitment.


Sophomore quarterback Brendan Nosovitch has decided not to transfer from South Carolina after all, according to a report by The State newspaper. After news of his intention to transfer broke on Wednesday night, Steve Spurrier said on Thursday morning that he would speak with Nosovitch and try to convince him to stay. It would appear as though that conversation went very well.

Nosovitch practiced with the team on Friday and participated in in the scrimmage on Saturday, lining up at wide receiver and taking snaps as a wildcat quarterback. Spurrier's desire to move Nosovitch from quarterback to tight end or wide receiver was the impetus for his initial decision to leave the program.

It's not immediately clear how Nosovitch will fit into a deep and talented group of wide receivers and tight ends in 2014. Pharoh Cooper, Shaq Roland, and Damiere Byrd are more likely to end up on an All-SEC team than to cede playing time to a guy who was playing quarterback until a few weeks ago. The same goes for Busta Anderson and Jerell Adams at tight end.

In 2013, it was Cooper getting the ball when the Gamecocks ran plays out of the wildcat. Will he retain that role in 2014 or, with Cooper expected to play a more prominent role as a wideout during his sophomore season, will it be handed off to Nosovitch?

Even if Nosovitch is blocked from seeing the field much in 2014, the Gamecocks' wide receiver and tight end depth chart figures to be wide open heading into 2015. Byrd, Jones, and Anderson will graduate. Roland and Adams could leave early for the NFL Draft. Nosovitch could find himself in the position of being one of but a few pass-catchers on the South Carolina roster with game experience.