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The Feed Pail: August 15, 2014

Sprouting links faster than summer kudzu - "The vine that ate the South."

Streeter Lecka

TFP - Still waiting, waiting and waiting some more.

Good Bull Hunting: As anticipated, Aggie fans have reacted to Spurrier's recent scheduling snark with some (mostly) good-natured counter-battery fire.  No fan of a school that is playing Lamar U. of Beaumont, TX [football program reinstated 2010] this fall, however, should be busting jokes about USC looking to schedule games with 'schools for the blind.'  TAMU hasn't played a meaningful regular-season OOC game since '11 when they faced Arkansas (Ed. - well two if you count when they met Sonny Dykes' No. 23 ranked LaTech Ragin' Cajuns in 2012 at Shreveport in a 59-57 barn-burner, but they certainly didn't schedule it that way!). By contrast, Carolina has played 5 meaningful OOC regular-season games in that same time frame [not counting ECU - always a tough out] - three of those opposing squads going on to BCS bowls.  So thanks for playing Are Our Non-Conference Schedules Equal? and better luck next time!  We do have a box of Rice-a-Roni as a parting gift for GBH, however, for saying "f--- Clemson" in an Aggie blog.  This shotgun-marriage might work out after all!

MrSEC: John Pennington thinks the HBC is channeling his inner Sun Tzu with the schedule-smack.  I told y'all that talkin' season wasn't over yet. Furman student Chris Edel states the case for Why Mike Davis will win the Heisman.  Personally, I would be ecstatic if Davis was a Doak finalist.

Gamecock Cereal: Brandon Wilds Keep Things Short & Sweet.   A laconic 1:05 min interview.  I like it.

Gene Sapakoff: Langston Moore connects as Gamecocks sideline reporter, author and with Eat2Win.   Three positive columns about the Gamecocks?  In a row?   Someone check to see if Gene's running a temperature or something.

Gamecocksonline: Thursday Practice Report with video clips from Whammy, Coach B, Larenz Bryant and David Johnson.  Also -  Top Moments of the Spurrier Era - #7 (If Melvin's romp at Athens is only #7, then I am on the edge of my seat for ## 6-1).   Plus - Cheerleaders and Dance Team Earn National Bids.

Gamecock Pride: Questions Raised for Defense.   The PPG are closed today, Clemson-style.

Sportstalksc: Phil Kornblut reports  USC defense coming together two weeks from game night (AUDIO).  Also - Joe Blue plans to keep his options open. Good for him.  It might be nice if someone on the staff kept in touch with him, though - which does not look like it is happening.   Plus - in hoops recruiting, Coach Frank Martin just made a face-to-face offer to Dreher's Tevin Mack.

ESPN SEC Blog: Ed Aschoff thinks Shaq Roland might be a SEC 1,000-yard receiver in 2014.

O'burg T&D: Spurrier ready to boast about ranking recruiting class No. 2 nationally.

John Whittle: Spurrier: 'We're still not at the top'.

Greenville News: Willie T. Smith III attends the South Carolina Alumni Association's annual dinner where the HBC and Ray Tanner were talking talking about the SEC Network.

Garnet & Cocky: Sydney Hunte follows the Twitterverse reaction to the SEC Network Launch.

Saturday Down South: 13 years of SEC team recruiting rankings rolled into one: No. 7 South Carolina.

Rock Hill Herald: South Carolina's Staley, Wilson lead US to gold.

Post & Courier: Aaron Brenner analyzes how Carolina and Clemson match-up against each other in pre-season polls.

Tony Barnhart: Mr. College Football showcases the ongoing quarterback battles across the SEC.

Yahoo!: Tennessee names Justin Worley Vols' starting QB. With Dylan Thomas starting for us, and Everett Golson reinstated at Notre Dame, that means three Palmetto State senior QBs are poised to lead major programs in '14.  Note, however, that some think Justin is Not The Right Quarterback Choice for the Vols.  Well, he was good enough to beat us last year; unfortunately, he never got a chance to build on that win after getting injured the following week against the Tide.