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The Feed Pail: August 16, 2014

Gamecock links straight from the griddle.

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Streeter Lecka

TFP:   And if you're buying the next round, you're a good man, Albert Brown.

ESPN SEC Blog: Gamecocks' Moore ready for Round 2.

Athlon: Ranks the Cocks fifth out of the Top Running Back Units in NCAAF.

Saturday Down South: Brad Crawford writes South Carolina coaching staff banning their own f-word this season. Also - Jon Cooper gives his Projected 2014 starters: South Carolina Gamecocks.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon Lane is wondering how the 2014 Gamecock RBs stack up against past Gamecock RB corps and is willing to go waaaaaay back for his answer.

MrSEC: The SEC Launches Its Network As Only It Could (Literally).

USA Today: David Climer thinks the WIlly-B is fourth among SEC stadiums for delivering top fan experience. Way to recognize.

The Rubber Chickens: Buckshots: 2009 Gamecock Flashback.  Another late-season swoon, but this one has a happier ending.

GoGamecocks: Practice report: Special teams holding steady as preseason winds down.  JoeRob needs to really deliver.  And Fish is one intimidating ginger.

The Big Spur: Spurrier gives out a scholarship.

Sportstalksc: Gamecocks now know their SEC basketball slate for 2015.   We are also holding a scrimmage this morning.

Team Speed Kills: Flashback 1991: SEC to become first super-conference, play 8 games.   Good stuff.   No one was a bigger winner than USC coming out of the 1992 SEC expansion, even though it took some a decade and a half of hard-candy Christmases for us to start receiving the payoff.

Gene Sapakoff: Toughness is the key to the Gamecocks' underrated success.    I asked yesterday if Gene was running a temperature.  Four straight pro-USC columns and I am convinced now he has a Feevah.

Unfortuanately, this may be the last Post & Courier link that we can run.   The P&C has established a paywall for its content -  much like the Greenville News has done and even the Anderson Independent-Mail.  For now The State's has been free to me but it looks like I've finished up my free clicks, too.  I think its stupid that the big dailies requiring a subscription for page views when they sell online advertising based on volume, but they seem more-and-more wedded to this business model each year.