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Gamecock football practice report: Matulis, Smith injured

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Bad news from the practice fields on Monday night, as Mike Matulis is out for an indefinite period and Jamari Smith will miss the 2014 season with a broken foot.

Mike Davis may find new faces to run behind this year.
Mike Davis may find new faces to run behind this year.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The goal of every pre-season practice and scrimmage is simple: don't get hurt.  Carolina failed on back-to-back evenings in achieving that goal, which leaves the Gamecocks down two men heading into their match-up next Thursday evening against Texas A&M.

First up, Jamari Smith, at a position where the Gamecocks don't exactly carry a ton of depth to begin with - cornerback.  The news is he's broken his foot and won't be able to return this year:

Elsewhere on the practice field, Mike Matulis found out he sprained his knee in the Gamecocks' most recent scrimmage, leaving him out for the Texas A&M game and questionable for the rest of the season.

The injury leaves the Gamecocks down an offensive lineman, a position that began the season as a strength but obviously cannot sustain too many injuries.

Carolina returns to practice tomorrow evening.