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The Feed Pail: August 19, 2014

... Nine ...

Peter Aiken

TFP:   Nine Tonight. Just devastating -  Gamecocks lose Jamari Smith for the season.   When he comes back next season, I hope the staff offers him a shot at either RB or CB.  He's earned it.

Greenville News: Gamecocks’ linebackers confident vs. run.

ESPN SEC Blog: South Carolina Gamecocks season preview by Chris Low and Patience pays off for Dylan Thompson by Greg Ostendorf.

NBC College Football Talk: CFT 2014 Preseason Preview: SEC Predictions.  John Taylor is bullish on the Cocks.

Ron Morris: Shift to 3-4 will boost defense.

Brad Senkiw: USC's Davis doesn't have Heisman odds in his favor.   Neither did three of the last four at this point in the process.

Saturday Down South: South Carolina’s early-season slate includes nation-leading 3 ranked teams.

Free Times: Previewing the 2014 Gamecock Football Schedule, Part Two.   Second half isn't any easier.

L.A. Times: Steve Spurrier's unfinished business: get South Carolina an SEC title.

247: Spurrier has the most total SEC wins, by far.

Gamecocksonline: Top Moments of the Spurrier Era - #5.

The Rubber Chickens: Buckshots: 2010 Gamecock Flashback.

John Whittle: Shaw Sparkles in NFL Debut.

NFL: Hail Connor.

Garnet & Cocky: Sydney says Connor broke Twitter.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon Lane recaps Connor Shaw's First NFL Action play by play.   Also - Before They Were Gamecocks: South Carolina's Coaching Staff.

Gamecock Pride: Another USC signal-caller you can't help but root for -  No. 10 Perry Orth.

Good Bull Hunting: The Continued Evolution of the Texas A&M Offense.   Scheme.

Aggiesports: In South Carolina, if your team wins you get a free breakfast biscuit or a burger.  In Texas, you get ... free furniture?

Fox Sports: Trouble? Really??  Whodathunk those two would have issues?  Was it so long ago that CTG was the greatest D.C. evah?