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The Feed Pail: August 20, 2014

... Eight ...

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

TFP:   Driver 8. Great news -  South Carolina lands a hidden gem in junior two-way star JaCorey Morris for the 2016 class.   Kirk Botkin keeps delivering the bacon.   Is he the unsung hero of Gamecock recruiters?  Take the Fan Poll.

Saturday Down South: Spurrier accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued by Saban, Sumlin and "Bobby" Stoops.

Sporstalksc: Ice buckets galore at USC's practice.

Garnet & Cocky: Even Ray Tanner is getting into the act.

Gamecock Central: Meaner, more physical Holloman claims starting job.

Good Bull Hunting: I think we'll have to agree to disagree -  The NFL Needs Johnny.   No, it doesn't.   What the NFL needs is Connor Shaw (click me - h/t Gamecock Cereal).   #StartConnorShaw.

Greenville News: Willie T. Smith III writes Connor Shaw's Monday night heroics with Browns spurs Twitter campaign and Analysts: There’s a lot to like about USC.

Anderson Independent Mail: Gamecocks looking to make two defensive schemes work.  I am going to try to link to the IM one more time; please let me know if you hit a paywall.

ESPN SEC Blog: The Cocks feature in two three (!) of the Ten SEC games that will affect the playoff.

Team Speed Kills: 14 for '14: The Race for the East.   Y2 breaks down USC v. UGA.

LOHD: Is this the Injury Year? Don't say it!  Don't even think it!

Scott Hood: Question on Carolina's Mike Matulis: "Will he ever play again?" Coach Elliot is not sounding optimistic.

Gamecocksonline: Top Moments of the Spurrier Era - #4 and Carolina Calls Kicks Off Thursday.

Fansided: San Francisco 49ers to activate Marcus Lattimore some time in 2014.   Very. Welcome. News.   Up to this point, the Niners have been 100% supportive but 100% cryptic on just what would happen with Latti.   Still - nothing is settled yet.

Gamecock Pride: One.