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Steve Spurrier disappointed in amount of golf he played in 2014

The Head Ball Coach sat down with Spurs & Feathers in a segment which was great because it involved Steve Spurrier speaking, but concerning because LET HIM GET BACK TO COACHING!


Spurs & Feathers unveiled a new series today, where it plans to sit with Steve Spurrier every week to discuss off-the-field items.  While we express concern that this might distract the HBC from his duties as our offensive coordinator and head coach, we celebrate every opportunity for more Steve Spurrier quotes.  Consider us torn.

The video is below - highlights include:

  • :12 - The video starts with an introduction of the show as a discussion of all things not Gamecocks.  We understand and appreciate putting this type of content on a Gamecock-related webpage.
  • :42 - Jeri Spurrier kept Coach away from golf this summer by taking him to Costa Rica and Nova Scotia.  We assume coach went to Nova Scotia to witness first-hand Tim Tebow's drive.
  • 1:17 - "I'm certainly not burned out from a summer of watching tape and things of that nature."  We never expected any different, Coach.
  • 2:44 - "somethin' like that."
  • 3:07 - G.A. Mangus won the coaches' tournament with a round of 72.  If it weren't for the sterling example set by the HBC, I'd be concerned our coaches are that good at golf.
  • 4:14 - "Yeaaaaaaaah, good talkin' to all of you... people."
He is my joy.

See the whole thing here: