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Across Enemy Lines: Texas A&M at South Carolina Q&A with Good Bull Hunting

We chat about Thursday's game with SB Nation's Aggies community.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jorge and I traded some questions with the guys over at Good Bull Hunting about the upcoming visit from Texas A&M. Here's what their guys had to say in response to our questions. See our answers here.

1. I keep hearing about Speedy Noil. Tell us about this guy and what we can expect from him. I hear he returns punts well. South Carolina isn’t very good on special teams. Is this guy going to kill us returning punts?

Camacho: We sure hope so. From what we've heard at practices, he's extremely talented. It's been a couple years since we had a real threat in the punt return game, so that's really exciting to look forward to. Did you know last season was the first time since 2007 we didn't have a kickoff or punt return for a TD? I did, because I looked it up on the internets.

Gardner: What makes you think you’ll be punting?

2. Texas A&M will put a youthful team on the field Thursday. How do you expect your younger players to react to the atmosphere at Williams-Brice?

Camacho: Hopefully they're not too overwhelmed. There's really no way to prepare for an atmosphere like that, but I think Sumlin will have them pretty focused.

Gardner: I guess you could argue that getting them out of College Station will keep them focused and united. Minimized distractions. We’ll see if that all goes out the window in the first few minutes of the game.

3. If you could have any one South Carolina player, who would it be? Why?

Camacho: Dixon on the defensive line. Hoping that by not specifying which one we could just get both.

Gardner: J.T. Surratt because defense.

4. What does Kenny Hill bring to the table that Johnny Manziel may have lacked? Conversely, where will Hill likely represent a step back?

Camacho: Kenny Hill is largely an unknown, but he will probably be less prone to improvisation than Manziel was, and that could be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the situation. His social media game is also nowhere near Manziel's level.

Gardner: Can you bring less distractions? He brings less distractions. Hill can ball though. He’s got a big arm and he’s athletic. He was a blue chip coming out of stellar high school competition.

5. A&M lost several players during the offseason to dismissal. Which of these players’ departure do Aggie fans view as the bitterest pill to swallow in terms of what they might have meant to the team?

Camacho: Probably Gavin Stansbury. We're so young on the defensive line that having an experienced senior up front would have paid off.

Gardner: I’m bummed to lose Darien Claiborne at linebacker. He showed serious flashes last year and had huge upside.