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South Carolina Gamecocks in full pads during fifth fall football practice

Here's what the Gamecocks' defensive coaches had to say after practice on Tuesday night.

Grady Brown

On any potential advantage Al Harris, Jr. might have because of his dad:

He's been fortunate to maybe see a little bit more football than [Chris Lammons and Wesley Green] and maybe talk a little bit more scheme than some of those guys .. there may have been a little advantage, but I don't think it's anything major enough to stop one of those other guys from beating him out to get on the field first or anything.

Brown added that all three have been taking first-team reps.

On whether one of the true freshman cornerbacks will start:

It's definitely possible. We recruited those guys to come in and start. If they're playing at a high level, one of them may get a chance to start. Maybe two of them get a chance to start. It's about whoever's playing the best. My answer to that won't change all year. Whoever is playing the best, those are the guys who will start the game. And a lot of times it's not about who starts the game but who finishes the game.

Lorenzo Ward

On whether he plans to keep Brison Williams at cornerback:

Oh, of course. Until we can get those other guys grown up, he is going to definitely be a corner.

On the progress of the true freshman cornerbacks:

I think they're getting better ... They put themselves in a situation where they get beat on deep balls. They have to understand this is a different league. When we can get that across to them, we'll be better.


Darius English, Devin Washington, and Ali Groves were held out of practice with minor hamstring injuries.

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