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Joe Blue denied admission to South Carolina

The first recruit of the 2014 class will not enroll as a Gamecock.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The University of South Carolina denied Dillion, SC recruit Joe Blue admission to the university on Tuesday afternoon. The decision came after Blue appealed the initial ruling denying him admission. Because of this ruling, Blue will not become a Gamecock.

The first member of the 2014 class, Blue represented yet another player to come from the pipeline established by the South Carolina coaching staff into Dillion.  He committed to South Carolina in January 2013 and stuck with his commitment over the 13 months that followed between then and signing day.

The failure to admit Blue left Dillion's head coach, Jackie Hayes, upset:

"They said his grades were too low in the ninth and 10th grade years," said Dillon coach Jackie Hayes. "They've had his transcript. I've bet we've sent them 10-12 transcripts. It's not like this transpired today. Not one single time did anybody communicate there would be a problem. They were just saying, get through the Clearinghouse."

Blue plans to select a school to continue his career at during the coming week.  He plans to decide from a list of four schools - Maryland, East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, or S.C. State.