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The Feed Pail: August 9, 2014

Wherein, after a long and unauthorized hiatus, your correspondent stealthily returns to dip his toe back in the water on all things link-y concerning the Garnet and Black.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina, Let Your Voices Sing! Would it be too much to ask the band to start playing this after PATs?  J.T. will see you after class if you disagree.  And you wouldn't want to be disagreeable, would you?


Fox SportsCha cha cha LSUFreek just wet himself.   I almost did.

Football.Com: Steve Spurrier's View of the Big Ten: Truth Or Fiction?   A B1G backer strikes back at Lord Spurrier:  "Spurrier took the easy punchline. He went after the low-hanging fruit. However, should South Carolina have to battle another Big Ten team this bowl season, he will know he has a battle on his hands. He knows how much the conference has improved."   Has this guy watched our last three bowl games?

Leftover Hotdog: Billy goes in-depth on our New Look Defense.

Gamecock Pride: Amber's Kick-Off Countdown: 20 Days.

The Rubber Chickens: Buck looks back at the 2006 season.  Check out Buck's other flashbacks while you are there.

The Big Spur: J.C. reminds us that the Aggies have been road warriors under Sumlin.

Garnet and Cocky: Who are the next Gamecocks at Linebacker?

GamecockCereal: A new blog courtesy of GamecockCentral, but this post rings a sour note: Transfer Troubles: Quarterback Departures Under Spurrier.   As to be expected, the peanut gallery goes full Mr. Blonde in reply.

Gene Sapakoff: Former Gamecocks WR Bruce Ellington dazzles for 49ers in NFL preseason debut.

49ers.Com: The HBC sings Bruce's praises.  "A lot of wonderful memories out there," the aw-shucks, ol’ ball coach said. "A lot of great teammates from back then – but we’ve got quite the pipeline now."   Yes we do.

Go Gamecocks: Preseason game next step in Clowney’s journey.

SB Nation: Texans coach Bill O'Brien is playing coy on whether JD will start the pre-season game against the Cards.

Gamecock Central: GC's recruiting analyst Chris Clark does a good write-up on 4 star recruit Christian Pellage.  My biggest unanswered question: can we hold him if FSU decides to make a late offer?

"It's the perfect place for me."
"It's the perfect place for me."
"It's the perfect place for me."

Palmetto Recruiting: According to Phil Kornblut, we are likely to take just one more OL this recruiting cycle.  As happy as I am to land Pellage, this begs my second biggest unanswered question: where does this leave us with Summerville's Zack Bailey?

Jason Kirk: Checks out the College Football Hall of Fame.