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The Feed Pail: September 10, 2014

Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

TFP - We on the grind in Georgia(Ludacris' paean to the Peach State is NSFW).

Gamecocksonline: Coach Spurrier Weekly Press Conference Videos and Quotes and Carolina Prepares for Bulldogs.

Rock Hill Herald: Pete Iacobelli's report for AP on the Spurrier presser - Spurrier happy South Carolina's back on track.

The Sporting News: Steve Spurrier knows Todd Gurley is good, real good.

Fox Sports: Is Hutson Mason ready for a dominant game against USC?

The Greenville News: Steve Spurrier feels better about his squad after USC win.

College Spun: Steve Spurrier Calls The Georgia Game "Pretty Much A Must" Win For SEC East Title.

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina vs. Georgia: Inside the Numbers.  "17 – players from the state of Georgia on the Gamecocks roster."  Great series.  It's harder than it looks to do a good inside-the-numbers piece.

The Rubber Chickens: Dylan Thompson vs. ECU – All 38 Throws.  "Understand, I don’t think Dylan Thompson is going to be a first-team all-SEC at the end of the year. But I also don’t think he’s going to get benched this season for any other reason except an injury."

Gamecock Central: Wes Mitchell has some Practice Quick Hitters.

NBC CFT: Yes; next question?  Is South Carolina facing nation’s top running back this weekend?

ESPN SEC Blog: Dogs expect 'bloody' game at Gamecocks.  "Everybody in the world knows we’re going to run the ball, and everyone knows South Carolina likes to run the ball," says UGA LB Amarlo Herrara.

Gamecock Cereal: Rixon writes Lay Down Dawgs: The Curse of Williams-Brice.  "All in all, Georgia's inability to score in the Capitol City has helped the Gamecocks win four of the last nine contests in Columbia and seven of 12 in the rivalry since 1994."  All this talk about Georgia being held to under 20 at W-B all these years has got me jittery; like they say in the securities world - past performance is not indicative of future results.  I much prefer when *I* am the only one talking about history.

Athens Banner-Herald: UGA looks to solve points disappeance in Columbia’s Williams-Brice Stadium.  Now even *they* are talking about it, too.   I will be honest, I haven't felt this un-confident since 2000 and I doubt Mr. Gurley & Co. will turn it over five times.  Also - Expect more kick returns for UGA special teams captain Todd Gurley.  In stark contrast to USC, UGA is unafraid to put its best on Special Teams; his KO return for TD broke Clemson's back.  Todd Gurley can break our back either from scrimmage or on the returns - and do it big.  If we can hold him sub-200 all purpose yards and 2-3 scores, we might have a puncher's chance. Amonte Caban to visit USC Saturday with decision down to two.  Come play against the best, Amonte.

Bulldawg Illustrated: A View From…South Carolina.  Mike Morgan talks about USC. "Will Mason be able to come with the key play in those two or three conference games that come down to the wire? That will be the key. Beat South Carolina though, and I see a trip to the Dome in December."

CBS Sports: Line Study: SEC East Showdown by Tom Fornelli.  "While I'm not entirely shocked to see Georgia open as the favorite in this contest, I was somewhat surprised to see that it's nearly a touchdown favorite."

Blawg House: Georgia vs. South Carolina | Where the Series Changed for the Visiting Bulldogs. "They have 2-star QB Dylan Thompson, an overweight and out of shape Mike Davis and 3-star Brandon Wilds at RB, and a defense full of sophomores and new starters."  The Georgians are all bagging on Davis as being 'fat'?  His upper torso and arms are chiseled and he has no double-chin, so I'm not sure where they're getting this from.  Still - are you paying attention Mike?  Why not get mad about that?

Macon Telegraph: Stack the box? Gurley calls it a 'sign of respect'. "Because if they want to put six or seven guys in the box I'm like, OK, do that. I like that though, because it's good because if you get past that second level all you have is the safeties." Spurrier prepping No. 24 Gamecocks for big chance. '''We were favorites against A&M and we lost, so I don't listen to what they say,'' Gamecocks quarterback Dylan Thomson said." Yeah - but they've seen us play two games now, Dylan.  I like A.J. Cann's take better:  '''It was important to get that first win,' he said.  'It felt good. But this Georgia game is very important for us too.''' Also - Georgia-South Carolina Preview.

Daily Gamecock: Great piece on USC men's soccer head coach Mark Berson - USC men's soccer's one and only since 1978.

ESPN: Bob Stoops: SEC reign 'not the case'.   Remind me again how Stoopsy got his gig in Norman?

Read more here: Citadel lineman Victor Hill suspended indefinitely after 'going for knees' against Florida State.  If this was anything more than protecting El Cid's rice bowl in being able to schedule big teams for top payouts, they would have suspended him right away.  Damage control.  Hill will quietly be re-instated by the end of the month, if not sooner.

Yardbarker: CFB Texas style. **NSFW audio** Those Texans sure love to mix it up.  Plus - After two straight blowouts, Vanderbilt fan decides to buy   Anchor downnnnnn.

Lightly Buzzed: Joffrey!?!?  And twelfth?  Oh, man, that hurts - SEC Week 3 Power Rankings, Game of Thrones Style.  Truthfully, we're a lot more like Jorah Mormont - we look the part, but we're perpetually cock-blocked, have a checkered past and we've just been banished in the most humiliating fashion by # 2.  I don't think this guy watches the show that closely.  And the Ags remind me a lot more of Brienne than Daenerys - after all, the big chick from Tarth had a rough go last season being paired with the biggest bounder in the business, but now she's all stitched up, got a new blade and just kicked The Hound's ass rather unexpectedly.  What?!  But that's just me.  I barely watch the show, either ... errr ...

SB Nation: More evidence of the collapse of Southern culture.  I would buy it, though.