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The Feed Pail: September 14, 2014 - Four of Five!

The worm has turned in the Deep South's Oldest Non-Rivalry as we say "buh-bye" to Todd Gurley. Don't go away mad, Todd. Just go away.

Streeter Lecka

TFP -  Because I'm Happy.

Gamecocksonline: No. 24 South Carolina Knocks Off No. 6 Georgia.  Write-up, notes and video.

ESPN SEC Blog: You know UF grad Ed Aschoff didn't mind hammering out this piece - South Carolina alive and well in SEC East. PlusWhat we learned in the SEC: Week 3. "With the loss, the Bulldogs are no longer the top team in the SEC" But they beat their arch-rival, Clemson, Greg!  Between the Hedges!  How can they not be best!?  Also - SEC helmet stickers: Week 3.  Way to go A.J. and D.T.!   Honestly, I think Dylan should garner SEC Offensive PotY week honors.

NBC CFT: No. 24 South Carolina inches by No. 6 Georgia 38-35"The Gamecocks also had luck on their side. Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan wrapped a late field goal attempt around the outside of the goal post for South Carolina to maintain its tenuous lead."  It's not luck.  When you kick in the rain, into the student section, it's not a gimme.  Kudos to the oft-maligned (by me) Joe Robinson.  Our Special Teams were better than their Special Teams - in both scheme and execution.

The Rubber Chickens: Snap Judgments – 2014 Georgia @ South Carolina Edition.  "Any further questions about who the leader of the USC offense is? Thompson’s 21-30, 270 yard, 3 TD performance may have been the best of his career. He was in complete control, looking confident and throwing that way for most of the night."   The D stood tall and bailed us out of the INT.   Did you think we could turn the ball over twice to UGA and only give up 3 points?

Saturday Blitz: South Carolina Beats Georgia off a Missed Field Goal and Chain Measurement. "This isn’t to say Thompson didn’t get the first down. After many looks, it appears as if he did. But there has to be a more exact way to determine it."  I'm more interested in measuring the tears.

Dr. Saturday:  Thanks to a close call on a sneak, South Carolina holds off Georgia 38-35. "It's not a bad call by any means; QB sneaks are successful more often than not, and are virtually guaranteed for such a short distance like that as long as the snap is clean. It just was incredibly decisive. Georgia had been able to move the ball very well against South Carolina's defense in the second half. Getting into field goal range would have been no big deal with over a minute remaining." So they fail from 1st and goal from the 4.  But they would have easily won the game if they had forced a turn-over-on-downs at midfield.  Got it?  Good.  You can beat Georgia on the field, but you will never beat them in the press.

Sportstalksc: Well worth the wait for Gamecock fans, another win over Georgia (AUDIO) and SportsTalk at the Stadium: USC in a thriller over UGA 38-35 (VIDEO).

CBS Sports: South Carolina takes down Georgia 38-35 after crucial fourth down. "How else do you explain Georgia's appearance to South Carolina's 3-yard line in the final minutes, armed with the country's best offensive player, only to disappear without a point?" Plus- No. 24 South Carolina upsets No. 6 Georgia 38-35 by Pete Iacobelli. "No. 24 South Carolina's defense showed it's not nearly as bad as it looked two weeks ago - and maybe that No. 6 Georgia isn't the runaway favorite in the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division."

Fox Sports: Georgia's Todd Gurley head-butts opponent, doesn't get penalized and Vandy D-lineman hugs UMass kicker after missing game-tying field goal.  Pathetic.   This, however, is golden: South Carolina WR takes massive hit, hangs on to ball.   When Nick jumped up after that titanic hit, I told my wife I thought we could win.  Redemption for the dropped TD against the Aggies.  Also - How South Carolina knocked off Georgia, kept its playoff hopes alive (some great football analysis of the "China 7" concept - read it all).

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina vs. Georgia recap: Gamecocks inch past Bulldogs.

Gene Sapakoff: Gamecocks, fans make the adjustments in Georgia upset win.  "On offense, it was head coach Steve Spurrier at his play-calling best, juggling formations to baffle the Bulldogs most of the game."

Ron Morris: USC gets one of its biggest wins in history. "That will lead to many more USC wins this season, but it is hard to imagine any will be as significant as Saturday’s was against Georgia."

Read more here:

GoGamecocksBack in the hunt: Gamecocks in SEC East race after 38-35 win by Josh Kendall and Ward, defense earn respite after big performance by David Cloninger.

Sporting News: Gamecocks create chaos early in SEC East; don't forget about Mizzou. "All Georgia needed, after a missed field goal that would have tied the game, was a stop of South Carolina in the final 4:24. The Gamecocks then ran the ball six straight times for two first downs to run out the clock and end the game. That’s right, the Dawgs knew what South Carolina was going to do and couldn’t get a stop it to give its offense one more chance." Plus -Just Bad Football, Gators.

Gamecock Central: USC Defense Bends, Does Not Break to Beat UGA by Avery Wilkes.  Serious improvement by Whammy & Co.

Gamecock Cereal: 10 Observations From the USC-UGA Weather Delay.  Some great blogging by Rixon Lane.

GamecockPride: South Carolina Grabs First SEC Victory"'We have the best fans in America,' said quarterback Dylan Thompson following South Carolina’s win over Georgia. 'Everybody knows that.'"

Fansided: Steve Spurrier trolls Paul Finebaum after Georgia win.   Heh.

~Dawg Patch Pain~ 

Get the Picture: Shoot yourself in the foot until you run out of bullets.   The Senator forgot the "Cock Envy" tag?  He must have been tired on the drive home.   The comments are priceless.  2012 - "5 yards!"  2014 - "4 yards!"   Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.  It's always the Zebras' fault in the Land of Jaw-Jaw.  Or Bobo's.  Take your pick.

Dawn of the Dawg: Post-game reflections on Georgia Bulldogs loss to the chickens. "Our Dawgs did just about everything wrong, came from behind and were only four yards away from going in front for the first time, with only four minutes left in the operation.Four yards, Paawwwwwwllll!

Bullldawg Illustrated: First and Goal From the Four and I Was Wrong.

Bernie's Dawg Blog: Sunday's Thought on not feeding Gurley enough.  Bernie calls Columbia a shithole because of the traffic, like Athens is easy to exit after a game. (It isn't).  I love how Georgians trash Columbia like they don't have any sort of connection to Atlanta - which is the South's prime shit-hole on a per square mile basis

AJC: Bulldogs regret not ‘hammering it’ on first and goal.  Sucking on the great egg of regret.