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College Football Rankings Week 4 - AP Top 25, Coaches Top 25, Sagarin Top 25

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The college football polls are out, and quite reasonably Georgia remains ranked ahead of South Carolina.

Hey guys, I'm happy we won, but I hope no one thinks we're better than these guys.
Hey guys, I'm happy we won, but I hope no one thinks we're better than these guys.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The top 25 rankings are out, and like any sensible set of rankings would be at this time, they have the Georgia Bulldogs ahead of the South Carolina Gamecocks.  This makes perfect sense, as these two teams recently played and Georgia soundly defeated South Carolina, showing their superiority.


AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (37) Florida State (50) Oregon
2 Oregon (17) Alabama (1) Alabama
3 Alabama (1) Oregon (6) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma (4) Texas A&M
5 Auburn Auburn Auburn
6 Texas A&M (3) Baylor Georgia
7 Baylor Texas A&M Florida State
8 LSU LSU Michigan State
9 Notre Dame Notre Dame LSU
10 Ole Miss UCLA Wisconsin
11 Michigan State Michigan State Baylor
12 UCLA Ole Miss Notre Dame
13 Georgia Arizona State UCLA
14 South Carolina Georgia Kansas State
15 Arizona State Stanford Ole Miss
16 Stanford South Carolina South Carolina
17 Southern Cal Wisconsin Clemson
18 Missouri Ohio State Ohio State
19 Wisconsin Missouri Southern Cal
20 Kansas State Kansas State Stanford
21 BYU Southern Cal Florida
22 Clemson Nebraska Cincinnati
23 Ohio State BYU Oklahoma State
24 Nebraska Clemson Missouri
25 Oklahoma State North Carolina BYU



Please let us know in the comments why polls are stupid.