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SEC Snubs Dylan Thompson

Despite passing for 271 yards, 70% completion rate (21-30), 3 Touchdowns and a 172.2 QB passing rating against the # 6 team in the land in a crucial SEC East division showdown - not to mention the 4th and inches sneak that sealed the victory and will live for years in conference lore - South Carolina's Dylan Thompson is snubbed for SEC honors.

Congratulated by CMR but snubbed by the SEC
Congratulated by CMR but snubbed by the SEC
Streeter Lecka

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  The SEC has more gonzo, banana-republic politics than a Central American satrapy.  Mark Richt is complaining about the officiating, and the Solons of Birmingham wouldn't want to do anything to make the very sensitive Peanut State Pups any more disaffected than they already are.

But for the love of Pete - Alex Collins of Arkansas?  In a non-conference game against Texas Tech - just 8-5 (4-5 in the Big XII) in 2013 and vanquishers in 2014 of cupcakes Central Arkansas State and UTEP?   Really?

Collins had a great game for 27 carries and a gaudy 212 yards (7.9 ypc avg), but his two TD's are less than Dylan's three - or UKs Patrick Towles' three TD's against Florida.

The Red Raiders also surrendered 145 yds and four TDs to Collins' running mate Jonathan Williams.  Really, why not make them co-PotW - except it would show that they were running all over an over-matched TTU that has long fallen from national relevance since the firing of Mike Leech and the abrupt departure of Tommy Turbeville.

Granted, it was a nice win for the SEC and our former cross-division rivals, and another chink in the Bob Stoops' contention that the Big XII is better top-to-bottom than the SEC (complete OU propaganda).

Still - granting the award to Collins was nothing but a sop to Arkansas and an insult to Thompson - who turned in some career-type numbers against an SEC foe. There was a time when conference games counted more for awards, but apparently politics trumps achievement in the most scrutinized and highly watched SEC game of the week.   The fact USC will face three ranked SEC in the first five weeks while Arkansas doesn't have a league game until the last weekend of September only adds insult to injury(H/t to IpullforUSC for noting that the Hogs opened the season against the NC runners-up Auburn Tigers [and played them close for a half].  My apologies for the mistake about their schedule).

If you think Dylan didn't deserve it, at least give it to Towles.  The fact that Corey Robinson received SEC OL of the week honors doesn't make it less of a snub to Thompson, however.