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The Feed Pail: September 17, 2014

Ready for the first road trip?

Kadetrix "JJ" Marcus
Kadetrix "JJ" Marcus
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TFP: "Vandy is a team that had a big win last week."

Gamecocksonline: Spurrier's Weekly Football Press Conference Videos & Quotes.

GoGamecocks: Gamecocks get refocused for first road trip of season.

Team Speed Kills: The results are in - SEC POWER POLL RESULTS FOR WEEK 4.

Saturday Down South: The Breakdown: South Carolina (-22.5) vs. Vanderbilt with Stephen Garcia and  Early opponent analysis: VanderbiltPlus - Early preview: Vanderbilt vs. South Carolina.

Gamecock Cereal: Vic Beasley says he's better than Clowney; numbers disagree.  "In fact, Victor Beasley is so sure of Vic Beasley's superiority that he has compared Beasley favorably to Clowney twice in three months."  You can barely see Dabo's lips moving when Vic talks.

Greenville News: Trips to Vanderbilt have been nailbiters for Gamecocks.  "Winning hasn't been easy for USC coach Steve Spurrier against Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee."

Gamecock Central: Tuesday practice quick-hitters.

The Rubber Chickens: TRC Unleashed Episode 70 – The Georgia Review"How, strangely, ECU helped set the mood for the day with their win over Virginia Tech."  I agree.  But I am so over "Cocky in a Box" and wish we would tweak rework the pregame.

Garnet Report: CBS TV Timeouts: What Could You Really Do With the Time? Breaking down the smash route.

GamecockPride: VIDEO: "Small Steps in the Right Direction".   The D-side position coaches have been working hard.

ESPN: Gene posts a video essay about the HBC -  Why Spurrier is one of a kind.  Plus - Campaign Trail: South Carolina.

CBS Sports: Play of the Game: Dylan Thompson put in easy positions to succeed vs. UGA.

Dawgs247: Pruitt: 'You score 35 points, you're supposed to win'.   This "W" over UGA has really left a mark.  The UGA staff is having to rally behind Mike Bobo.

8. For those without tickets, drive down to the stadium, scalp a ticket off the street, and find your seat before the next play. - See more at:
8. For those without tickets, drive down to the stadium, scalp a ticket off the street, and find your seat before the next play. - See more at:

~ The Poop Deck ~

Anchor of Gold: Week 4 Depth Chart: Robinette Starts at QB, Wade Freebeck is His Backup and  Baby Steps (New, With Less Patience!). Media Day: Mason talks South Carolina and more.

Vanderbilt 247: Vandy to use Two Quarterback System.

VanderbiltMania: Three Keys Revisited Vanderbilt vs UMass.

~ Extra Points ~

NBC CFT: Jameis Winston’s latest eye-rolling incident.   Jameis makes Jimbo look like a genius on the field and a chump off it.

CBS: Clemson players call Jameis Winston smack talk 'disrespectful'.  Yeah but will they man up and do anything about it?  Clemson is soft until they prove otherwise.