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The Feed Pail: September 18, 2014

Get your funk on for the 'Dores & take the CU-FSU fan poll

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TFP - Who doesn't love The Commodores?

Gamecocksonline: Carolina Gears Up for Vanderbilt and Gamecocks Continue Vanderbilt Preparations.

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt: Early Injury Report by Sydney Hunte.  We are a little banged up but generally OK so far.

Saturday Down South: Brad Crawford goes Inside the numbers - good and bad.  Jason Hall does the same thing for Vandy.  Will Brandon Wilds have a more featured role against the 'Dores? USC finishes the heavy work for Vanderbilt.  With some audio from Dylan Thompson.  Plus - Rozelle Nix very excited about his upcoming official visit to USC.   What's not to like about 7'0", 318?  Lets hope Frank can land a commitment.

Gamecock Central: Avery Wilkes has the Wednesday Practice Quick Hitters.  This is fast becoming my favorite feature on G.C.

Gamecock Cereal: Stephen Garcia and Rixon Lane go  Five for Five to talk about Dylan and the Cocks.  Also -  Aaron Weiss punishes himself (and us) by liveblogging a replay of the 2012 Vanderbilt game.  This is like 50 Shades except without the good parts.

Palmetto Recruiting: Georgia linebacker is strong on USC.  LB Jamie Skalski (6-1 222) of Newnan, GA appears to have been impressed with the win over UGA.

Bleacher Report: South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Vanderbilt Commodores Betting Odds Analysis, Pick.

GamecockPride: Practice Recap- 9/17: Cody Gibson.

Sporting News: Is Vandy going to be a Letdown spot for Gamecocks?

~ Anchor Down ~

The Tennesseean: You, see, what had happened was ... Vanderbilt's Derek Mason: Patton Robinette was injured. Robinette was really the guy all along.  Except for the three others.   But he is the guy now.   Except if another guy plays. It's all good.  Just go with it.   It's Vandy football. Young Commodores finally taste some success.  Way to see the bright side, fellas!

Eleven Warriors: We can tease him about playing musical chairs with his QBs, but, seriously, let's give the man at least full year before we rush to judge him as a head coach -  Derek Mason is a Really Good Motivational Speaker, Probably a Bad Football Coach.

~ Extra Points ~ Steve Spurrier says early '90s wins over Alabama 'got us started there at Florida.   You could make the argument that the USC victory over Bama in 2010 did the same thing, with a few speed bumps, detours and engine problems along the way. Missouri Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin Details Why The SEC Is Best.   Ignore all those years Mizzou begged for admission into the B1G. Mizzou is much happier with the excitement of the SEC.  In other words, they don't mind slumming when the dollars are this good.   Plus - why isn't Pharoh Cooper on this list?  We need to get P.C. even more involved.

NBC: FSU benches Winston for 1st half of Clemson game.   This kid is a tremendous athlete but seems to be 50% clueless mixed with 50% of an out-of-proportion sense of entitlement.  What do you think will happen?  Take the Fan Poll!

Fox Sports: Some Noles fans seem to be missing the point.   I suppose that is the drawback of fandom - refusal to see the truth about the players and coaches one loves.  Remember during the FIFA World Cup when the Uruguyan press vehemently denied that Luis Suarez had bitten the Italian defender? That it was just an accident, they claimed, despite the video and Suarez's history?  For some fans, the facts can never be out of synch with their hopes and dreams, thus we see alternating exercises in outright denial and revisionist history.  Here is another example.

ShoutAboutCarolina: When I was doing research for USC versus AP Top 10 Opponents,  I ran across this web page which touches on the early days of football in the Palmetto State  which you might find interesting:  Early days of football: "Mud, sweat and cheers" at the Upcountry History Museum.