The Gamecock offense did not play well against A&M

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

I just finished reading another article where someone described the Gamecock offense as playing "good enough to win" on Thursday night, but ultimately the defense did not do enough.

Now make no mistake - the defense did not do enough to allow the offense to put itself in a position to win. And the fact the defense put the Gamecocks down double-digits early obviously changed the offensive game plan in a way that surely didn't help Dylan Thompson and crew.

But to say the offense put the Gamecocks in fine shape? That's a stretch. Carolina scored 2.55 points per possession against the Aggies, which topped their output against the following 2013 opponents:

  • UNC (2.45 points/possession)
  • UCF (2.33)
  • Tennessee (1.64)
  • Missouri (1.55 in regulation)
  • Mississippi St. (2.43)
  • Florida (1.90)

While the Gamecocks won five of those six games (and thus, the performance put on by the offense would have been "good enough" on those nights), no one walked out of those games proclaiming our offense the driving force behind our wins. The offense scuffled mightily in basically all of these games, costing us a win in Knoxville and struggling against Missouri, UCF, and Mississippi State for over a half.

The only performances put together by the Gamecocks last year that could've saved the 2014 Gamecocks against A&M were those put up against Kentucky, Arkansas, and Coastal Carolina, so it's completely reasonable to say the defense cost Carolina this game. But to pretend that the offense played well enough to win is to ignore a significant problem with the Gamecocks.

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