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The Feed Pail: September 20, 2014

Brison back to Safety?

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Brison Williams
Brison Williams
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TFP -  You have undertaken to cheat me. I won't sue you, for the law is too slow. I'll ruin you. USC-Vandy can be live streamed here .

The Rubber Chickens: ‘Boning Up on the ‘Dores. "'Anchor Down' also connotes an idea of stasis, rigidness, and inability to react quickly.  None of these concepts seem to fit with athletics."

Greenville News: USC's advantage could be a fine line.  "It appears the line will have a different look against Vanderbilt. Right guard Cody Waldrop did not practice this week after injuring his right knee late in the Georgia game and is not expected to play. Junior Will Sport is expected to start in Waldrop's place."

Garnet Report: Vanderbilt: the thorn in South Carolina’s side. "If the history of Gamecock football has taught us anything, it's that South Carolina perpetually has trouble beating Vanderbilt."

Garnet & Cocky: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt: Vandy Coach Derek Mason Meets the Media.  "His team has played sloppy and uninspired football the first three weeks and could easily be 0-3. If Vandy fixes the poor fundamentals they could be a 5-7 win team, but until this point, there isn’t much hope."

Gamecock Cereal: Five for Five: 9.19.14 (Chris Lee).

Gamecock Central: Baseball Friday scrimmage observations. USC QB Thompson looks for redemption at Vanderbilt. "Even though Thompson’s first significant playing time came against the Commodores two seasons ago, the memory is not a great one for the former Boiling Springs star."

Yahoo! Sports: Vandy looking for upset vs. No. 14 South Carolina.

GoGamecocks: Five gameday storylines: Gamecocks vs. Commodores and What will Spurrier’s success mean for USC’s future?

The Big Spur: In-depth chart: Carolina vs. Vanderbilt and Five Keys to Victory - Vanderbilt.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt's five keys to victory vs. South Carolina"Either really bad or really good, there's been no middle ground in Vanderbilt's special teams play."

Anchor of Gold: Saturday Predictions: #16 South Carolina at Vanderbilt.

NBC CFT: Reason # 27689 why it's a good thing we have these guys as permanent x-division rivals - Report: Texas A&M will pay $300,000 to ship in a new field from North Carolina.  That $300k came out of petty cash.  Too bad Ray didn't offer to ship Gig 'Em some South Carolina sod for a buck-and-a-quarter.

CBS Sports: J'Accuse!   There are grumpy old men.  And then there is Dan Synder.

Fox Sports: This will be the headline of the day - Jameis Winston suspended for entire game against Clemson.  Inredibly, this makes FSU look even dumber for not sitting Winston for the whole game from the rip.  I call bullshit on "continuing investigation."

If the history of Gamecock football has taught us anything, it’s that South Carolina perpetually has trouble defeating Vandy. - See more at: