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Missouri vs. South Carolina: Tigers steal one from the Gamecocks 21-20

Well this sucks.

Todd Bennett

South Carolina completely dominated Missouri for three and a half quarters and still came away with a loss. On a night when Lorenzo Ward finally got a strong performance out of his defense, that's a tough pill to swallow. The Gamecocks went up by two scores midway through the fourth quarter but gave up touchdowns on consecutive drives while mustering no offense of its own. A week after losing to Indiana, Missouri finds itself in control of the SEC East.

South Carolina's offense did not show up tonight. Dylan Thompson was under constant pressure and took more than a few drive-killing sacks. Missouri committed to stopping the Gamecocks' downfield passing threat, and it worked. Mike Davis ended the night with nice counting stats, but the Tigers bottled up Carolina's running game for most of the night.

OF NOTE: South Carolina had second-and-goal at the one and ended up coming away with just a field goal. A touchdown would have given the Gamecocks a 24-21 win.

SOME GOOD NEWS: It looks like South Carolina may finally have an answer to its kickoff coverage woes. Freshman Zack Cimaglia came on for Landon Ard and halftime and showed that he can kick it through the back of the end zone with little difficulty.