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The Feed Pail: September 4, 2014

Dusting ourselves off.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

TFP - It's something else, it's something new.

WIS-TV: Connor Shaw is a dad. Congratulations!

Garnet & Cocky: Gamecocks Football: East Carolina Scouting Report by Chris and Sydney warns ECU vs. South Carolina: Don't mark Pirates as an easy win.  I never would.   I have said it before (in 2012) and I will say it again - ECU will be fired up to play us.  The Pirates love nothing more than to beat UNC, NC State and USC in that order.  We will get their "A" game.  Are we going to bring ours?  That includes the fans.

Gamecocksonline: Wednesday practice report - Gamecocks Continue Preparations for ECU.

Gamecock Central: Will Sport is the new starter at RG.

O'burg TandD: Carolina's Mike Davis ‘ready to go’ vs. East Carolina.  We'll see Saturday if this is just wishful thinking.

Ron Morris: Give Gamecocks’ Ward time to get defense figured out "How quickly we forget that USC’s defense was in a state of disarray four weeks into last season." It's good to know you can always count on old Ron Morris as the voice of reason for USC football.

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Leftover Hotdog: Billy tells us What to watch for in the ECU game. "And while there is no indication this team has any problems, watch to see how they come out on Saturday.  How do they handle it when the ball doesn’t bounce their way.  Are they excited to be there, or will A&M beat them two weeks in a row?"

Fox Sports: In the Mailbag, Stewart Mandel is Sizing up UGA and South Carolina.

Dr. Saturday: South Carolina not panicking about defense just yet.

ESPN SEC Blog: Video: 'Prove It' -- Backup QBs, Spurrier D.

Get The Picture: "Win, lose or draw in its game this week, South Carolina’s psyche is going to be an interesting thing to watch. in the days leading up to the Georgia game."

Saturday Down South: Provocative - but true? Star player injury saga continues at South Carolina, this time it’s Mike Davis"Maybe it’s best Spurrier no longer answers questions about injuries, keeps it in-house and just takes the wait and see approach on gamedays."

CBS Sports: This is what you get when your staff doesn't prepare their team for the home opener - which just so happens to be the premiere of the SECN -  The Bottom 25: Week 1. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier breaks down what makes Kenny Hill dangerous. Carolina hoops recruit James Thompson considering prep school.

NBC CFT: Well, bristling is what he does best - Muschamp bristles at criticism over reinstatements.

TSK: Florida-Idaho is declared a "no contest".   Idaho keeps its $975,000.00.  Florida keeps its open date before the WLOCP.

Dixiefried Sports: Matt Barbour posts his Dixiefried Duds Week 1.


PS - Is there something about this Gamecock Walk picture that bothers you?  Because the more I look it, the less I like it.  The players are strung along the walk.  No unity. Most of them are wearing earphones.  Detached.  None of them are shaking hands or walking close to the fans; maybe they're not allowed - there looks like there is more security than a session of the South Carolina Supreme Court.   Going through the motions. South Carolina football has never achieved anything without fighting, kicking and scratching our way through every battle, every challenge - maximum effort and will-to-win.   Did we lose sight of that somewhere along the way?