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The Feed Pail: September 7, 2014

"We hung in there."

Grant Halverson

TFP - The waiting drove me mad.

Gamecocksonline: No. 21 South Carolina Tops East Carolina, 33-23.  Post-game video and recap. SportsTalk at the Stadium: Pirates can’t make Gamecocks walk the plank - video report by K Mac. "Had USC lost to East Carolina there would have been a lot of Gamecock fans walking off planks all over Columbia and places beyond."

The Big Spur: Gamecocks pound Pirates into submission.

Rant: South Carolina Gamecocks Struggle Early, Pull Out Win.  Same game.  Wildly divergent headlines/ledes.

Gamecock Central: For Mike Davis What a different 60 minutes can make. "I don't care about what people say.  I care about my teammates.  I care about my team." I wish Mike didn't feel so adversarial to the fans - for every critical voice there are 1,000 who want him to carry us on his back to a great finish.  But if he needs that to run with anger and that is the catalyst, then I can accept it.  That being said, it's time the HBC shut down Mike's twitter feed.    Plus - in his notebook, Scoot Hood says USC is thinking about Georgia. Ya think?   Also - Now that's better - USC plunders pirates - Scott's wrap-up.

Garnet & Cocky: Here is Sydney's post-game report:  Mike Davis, Gamecocks hold off ECU, 33-23. "Was it pretty? Absolutely not. The staff will have a mountain of tape to go through before the big showdown against Georgia at home next week. But it’s a win, and Steve Spurrier and his team can rest tonight knowing that they’re 1-1, not 0-2." You can say that again.

Saturday Down South: South Carolina report card: Problems persist, but win heals temporary wounds.  These grades don't offend me.

CBS Sports: publishes Pete Iacobelli's AP report - No. 21 South Carolina beats Pirates 33-23.   ''Everybody in the stadium knew where the ball was going and we still had success with it,'' Thompson said of the final drive.

New York Times: The Grey Lady gets around to writing about what happened in Columbia last Thursday week.  And, of course, the story - not to be confused with a report - is riddled with factual errors. Typical of the NYT.

FoxSports: Is someone already on the hotseat in Nashville?  Ask this guy.  Talk about Anchor Down.

USA Today: Big Ten is biggest flop on a strange college football Saturday.  A good recap of the weekend's top stories that you missed while you were chewing your fingers off.

Dr.Saturday: The B1G leads this weekend's Winners and losers: The Big Ten was bad – really, really bad.  This just breaks my heart.  Vandy gets a mention, too.