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The Feed Pail: September 8, 2014 - Georgia Week

Got me a south bound, all the way to Georgia, now.

T. J. Gurley on the INT -
T. J. Gurley on the INT -
Grant Halverson

TFP - Can't you see?

The Blawg House: Breaking Down South Carolina | A look at some of Steve Spurrier's favorite passing concepts.

The Rubber Chickens: Snap Judgments – ECU @ South Carolina Edition. "We still have a talent deficiency at defensive end that we are simply not going to be able to overcome this year, and our linebacker group hasn’t been as good as we expected them to be so far."  Not exactly a recipe for success against a downhill-running team like UGA.

Garnet & Cocky: Sydney thinks Still-struggling Gamecocks D gets a C against ECU in W; Also - Tradd Jones writes that Mike Davis is our player of the game. Well good for youBulldogs Use Open Week to Prepare for Gamecocks.

NBC CFT: Best news I've heard since August 28 - Mark Richt says WRs Malcolm Mitchell, Justin Scott-Wesley "doubtful" for South Carolina.

Bulldawg Illustrated: Todd Gurley: Ultimate Teammate.  Just have to weather him one more year.

Get the Picture: A morsel from Sen. Blutarsky - "You were always on my miiind…" Followed by the entree - Chicken stock.  "The psychology favors South Carolina, despite the difference in the two teams’ starts this season, because of the history in Columbia in the series." Meh.  Even Coach Dooley would be hard-pressed to poor mouth this one.

DawgSports: The redoubtable vineyarddawg posts You're On Notice, Dawg! Week 3.  "As you also might know, they tend to consider UGA their top SEC rival, even though they're no better than third on our list of conference grudge matches, so there's quite a bit of motivation for the Palmetto State Poultry coming into this game."  Third!  We are moving up in the world.  Wasn't so long ago that no self-respectin' Dawg would have ever publicly put us higher than Fifth!

Macon Telegraph: Bulldogs set to collide with a painful memory.

ESPN SEC Blog: SEC Power Rankings: Week 2.  It's pretty clear that the ESPN guys don't respect ECU either, and our lack of style points has hurt our perception in the rankings.    Of all the SEC victors, we faced the hardest opponent but that apparently counts for naught. Mark Richt gives an early preview of Georgia’s trek to Columbia (AUDIO); Also - Lorenzo Ward still plugging a few of the leaks on USC defense (AUDIO).

Gamecock Pride: Amber has a Post-Game Recap with Scout's ECU insider.

Dennis Dodd: Haden's sideline rant shows pitfalls of putting ADs on CFP committee.  He has apologized and banished himself from the sidelines for two games.  I have to admit I've lost some respect for Haden for this and the way he fired Lane Kiffin (on the tarmac).

ESPN: Citadel OL admits to targeting Noles' knees.  Absolutely disgraceful.   It wasn't just empty bravado - FSU's rout not without cost, as 3 D-linemen go down with injuries.  If we are planning a game against The Citadel in the future, it should be cancelled.

St. Joseph (MO) News-Press: Succop's return overshadows Santos' debut.   Karma.