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Steve Spurrier's Sunday Presser, via Google Translate

I want to be a David Williams transport.

Grant Halverson

Steve Spurrier's SEC Media Day comments from September 7, 2014, translated to various languages and back. Source material.

Opening Comments
(English to Arabic to Malay to Finnish to English)

After examination of the game tape, it is what we think. We are very hard, but we did not play real smart sometimes. We had several visits to the center later. We did not play very task to defend the ball. Offensive, we have some damage here and there as well. Again, we feel good that we won the football game. It is difficult ball game. East Carolina is a very good team. Now it feels as if they are a very successful season this year.

On the receivers' blocking
(English to Hebrew to Swahili to Czech to English)

I mentioned the television program, after the game, I think it was an effective barrier to receiving around since I got here. Our boys usually stand and watch, or fall, but last night, but pushing, pushing to avoid landing. Mike Davis, Pharoh Cooper actually closed two guys. He closed one of his teammates turned it off, then collided with two guys. Shaq Roland blocked his guy, and then when Mike broke the hand, withdrew and struck the other. We got two defensive blocking four guys in one game, I think there's a first time. They came up with some enthusiasm block each other, so that was encouraging.

On the running back rotation.
(English to Persian to Galician to Hmong to English)

Mike played most of the game. Brandon has some good people. If we get the ball to play, we'll need a running back. Mike will be starting this week is healthy and able to practice all week, as it should be. Brandon is ready to have. I want to be a David Williams Transport. It was a run and we will not stop climate Blitz overseas. This is a good game. We will see that we have. David will have a lot of possibilities, however, are available too. Caught a pass over the middle. He put his hands on the ball at the end. Shon Carson to play both bottling. He ran back a pair of kickoffs decent, down. Fortunately, no harm.

On the previous two games against Georgia in Columba.
(English to Serbian to Dutch to Traditional Chinese to Telugu to English)

Ace Sanders back in '11 and '12, when the three leading Coach Robinson, he highlighted two years ago, maybe. Of course, we always thought he was a great coach. We have a special team was determined. Gerald Dixon block wall. Coach Robinson with his men, if you are entering a little bit, we need these guys in a capacity, raised his hand, said it was a little low. Yes, this is what happens. I have a basket. They had to come back to the end of the first half, because it takes more time. Our red zone offense, we need to kick a field goal last night, but the fact that he is good enough.

On whether missed passes were because of quarterback or receiver play.
(English to Yiddish to Hausa to Javanese to Basque to Nepalese to English)

Dylan where he threw this. You can follow them, we will be a good idea. Often, the right to kill, others do not get the strength back. Interception, a little more force than was Shack. Dylan him as he really is safety. On the one hand, and got a good player rikotsheted interception, a living off the lawn catch up with him. Sometimes it is. So on, continue to work on. Dylan will turn him loose. We messed up some of these symptoms during the night. When we arrived, a score touchdowns when we have a good 20-30 yard line.

On steamy weather and conditioning
(English to Bulgarian to Hatian Creole to Japanese to Urdu to English)

I know most of you, it is hot and humid night last night to tell me. visor and when I was looking for the game, the players really do lose a lot of water in the above sweating. Perhaps, I was not in a position to sweat. Our boys are in good condition. If one or two players to knock. Busta Anderson to a minor as well as convulsions. During last night's game, both teams are in good condition.

On confidence level regarding the defense's ability to bring down Todd Gurley.
(English to Portuguese to Greek to Kannada to Marathi to Zulu to Welsh to Klingon to English)

Well done, and I pray God. But after I personally Play. Try it I saw it. What team we are slow. Hope, and beliefs. Then you will see it is. When you are or none. Come here, and that is powerful, and the Gothic Archway of the Hall. Heisman quarterback and now Oregon Guide. He may some time to us, but his voice was. There is no doubt that the man. What's everyone against them, without taking action. Last YEAR the last Nine minutes of Play, it is us. OK, I think, what can we do know.