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Marcus Lattimore, Todd Ellis star in Columbia Metropolitan Airport ad

Marcus Lattimore and Todd Ellis are in this new commercial for the Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Let's break it down.

Play-by-play analysis:

Right out of the gate, there is not a pop filter in the world that can contain Todd Ellis' excitement. I wonder how many takes he did of the touchdown call before the director was like, "Oh, forget it. My family is waiting at home and my life involves making films about commercial air travel."

"When folks step off their plane, they're greeted with bright skylights, rocking chairs, and friendly people."

As much as I want to laugh at rocking chairs getting second billing in Reasons You Should Fly Into CAE, that's probably one of the first things that comes to mind whenever I have friends over to play the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Word Association Game.

"When folks step off their plane, they're greeted with bright skylights..."

They are greeted by concrete and pine trees.

"Come on, guys. I'm just coming home."

Aww, Marcus! Miss u, bae. <3

(Believe it or not, the whistling kinda works for me.)