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SEC Power Poll - Week 7

#SECBasketballFever reaches conference play.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

1. Kentucky - They're really not moving.

2. Florida - The win at South Carolina - and without Jon Horford, to boot - shows that this team always had the talent and potential to go on a run in the SEC.  With Auburn and Mississippi State coming to Gainesville, they should be 3-0 this time next week.

3. Arkansas - Their win over Georgia makes them the odds-on favorites to grab the third bid from the SEC (and yes, the SEC is almost surely getting at least three teams in this year).  Georgia will rue the missed opportunity; the Hogs will point to that win on Selection Sunday.

4. South Carolina - A four-point loss to the Gators isn't any reason to punish a team too badly, but with all four of their losses coming by 10 points or less, the Gamecocks are getting dangerously close to a season where they will look back and regret missed opportunities.  A huge chance for a big road win on Saturday in Oxford.

5. Georgia - Much like the Gamecocks, you need to beat teams around you at home, and that's a win they'll be trying to claw back all year long.

6. LSU - Despite some early-season struggles, rounding into form nicely with a chance to cause some real damage, so long as they can overcome a startling lack of depth.

7. Alabama - Just throttled a free-falling Texas A&M team to open SEC play.  With no bad losses in the non-conference (though no really good wins), they can get to the tournament, but will need 11 wins to get there.

8. Mississippi - As impressive an 0-1 record as you can accumulate.

9. Vanderbilt - No one is going to be able to survive home losses to Auburn or Mississippi State this season and be taken seriously, so they held serve to open SEC play against the Tigers.

10. Tennessee - The Vols don't have any bad losses and have a couple of nice wins, and a double-digit win on the road in conference play is impressive, even if it came in Starkville.

11. Texas A&M - A&M's opponents shoot over 42% of their shots from three-point range and are hitting just 28.4% thus far this year.  Given that, they really shouldn't be getting worked on defense as they are.  You knew this team would struggle on offense, but the step back on defense is surprising.

12. Auburn - Losing by double digits in Nashville isn't exactly impressive, but that Xavier win is aging really well.

13. Missouri - Followed up a great performance against Oklahoma State with a dog of a showing against Lipscomb, though they eventually pulled it out.

14. Mississippi State - Couldn't even put up a fight against the Vols, at home?  Come on, Dogs.

Note - these were put together before Missouri beat LSU, so expect some changes next week.