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South Carolina Gamecocks Football - The Feed Pail: October 11, 2015

"I don't know if we had played them at home it would have been any different."

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Gamecock Central: Orth had his moments. Perry is a good kid - a gamer; he will be a success in life and I'm glad he is a Gamecock. While he shows flashes, however, he's simply not consistent enough to be a starter at this level.  But with Mitch and Nunez injured, we need to rally around him for Vandy.  Plus Second half defensive lapses cost dearly. The best thing we could do for our D would be to pair them with a ball control offense, but I haven't seen one of those 'round these parts since '13.

Team Speed Kills: Can LSU Win Without Leonard Fournette? Maybe, But Why Should They Even Try? Brandon thinks if we had Fournette, it wouldn't help us.

SEC Country: Steve Spurrier: "LSU is too big, strong, tougher, maybe smarter than us". I can deal with 'bigger' and 'stronger'. 'Tougher' is harder to swallow. 'Smarter' is simply unacceptable.  There were some things that I did really like about the Cocks on Saturday, though. Shamier finally had a big game. Williams and Carson ran pretty hard. The Special Teams played well.

Saturday Down South: Watch Leonard Fournette’s classy post-game speech to state of South Carolina. Fournette is a good egg - and with UGA's Nick Chubb injured against Tennessee (to what extent we don't know yet) - the big, bruising Bayou Bengal back may be the SEC's best Heisman candidate going forward. Fournette will also gain even more fans here at SB Nation by pronouncing it "Sakerlina" EDSBS-style. Cool move to auction the jersey ... but check with your A.D. just to be safe, kid.

CBS Sports: After some initial confusion, it looks like the NCAA has greenlighted Leonard Fournette's wish to auction off his game jersey to raise money for SC flood victims.

SportstalkSC: Talent poor USC no match for loaded LSU.

ESPN: LSU offense steals show in relocated 'road' win over South Carolina. That's our 8th SEC loss in the last 9 tries, folks.

Gamecocksonline: Gamecocks Lose to LSU, 45-24. Full video of Spurrier's post-game presser; he admits that we're not as talented as in years past, so at least we can put that debate to rest. Is it just me or does Spurrier seem to be saying the same things that we're saying?  Has he transitioned from HBC to a disappointed fan? Because you could sure fool me if he didn't sound that way. Fortunately he had the sense not to call out Brandon Wilds the way he did Clowney in 2013, but you could see his disappointment as he had said earlier in the week he expected Wilds "to play a lot."  As for Lorenzo Ward's remarks, I understand why he looked uncomfortable; I didn't like that when a reporter asked him about Jordan Diggs, Whammy said "that is a question you have to ask Coach Hoke and Coach Brown who work with those players, sir." This Hoke-Ward thing is clearly not working.