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The Feed Pail: October 14, 2015

The Post-Spurrier era has begun.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Gamecocks Central: Elliott keeps the energy going in his first practice as head coach. From music to keeping the upperclassmen on board Elliott is hoping to not miss a beat.

The Big Spur: Mark Dantonio is focused on Michigan; not the Gamecocks. Although he was considered an outside candidate this seems to settle the debate on whether he would return to his alma mater.

Gamecock Cereal: Podcast- Does Shawn Elliott have a shot to stick as the head coach? Even though he isn't a big name hire, he deserves a shot. Plus, Ingram shines for the San Diego Chargers, among other former Gamecocks in the NFL. Also, likely that Spurrier had an influence on the San Francisco 49ers and their large number of former South Carolina players on their roster.

SEC Country: Spurrier's predecessor talks about his time in Columbia and why he isn't judging the former HBC on his resignation process.

Post and Courier: Is it possible for recruiting to improve following Spurrier's resignation?