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South Carolina Gamecocks Football - The Feed Pail: October 22, 2015

Even with the coaching change recruits still chose South Carolina.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The State: Defensive back recruit JJ Givens from Virginia said that he still plans on sticking with his commitment to South Carolina. It's great to see that Shawn Elliott is able to keep some recruits in the wake of Spurrier's departure. However, it is interesting to note that in his quote, Givens specifically mentions how having Elliott as the head coach would be a "huge plus." I wonder if other recruits feel the same way?

Garnet and Cocky: Just in case you hadn't noticed by now but Pharaoh Cooper is hands-down the best player on the Gamecock offense. In a season of disappointment it's nice to focus on something that has been a positive surprise for this program. Man, am I going to miss watching Cooper if he leaves for the NFL.

SEC Country: So the first thing Steve Spurrier does when he resigns from being head coach at South Carolina is... spend everyday around the program? Elliott says that he has seen the Old Ball Coach every single day since his resignation over a week ago. I'm not sure if I agree with this as Spurrier's time is up and the program should be moving on unless Spurrier is thinking of taking a position inside the Gamecocks' athletic department. That doesn't seem to be the case though, so we are left wondering why he's still hanging around.

Gamecock Central: Just a couple quick things on yesterday's practice. Looks like it's just quarterbacks coach G.A. Mangus who is calling plays. Who knew?